#ThrowbackThursday: From the Crates featuring Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

We have an excellent staff recommendation for you today from Gary. Here he is talking about the 2005 release Nothing But The Water by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.

New Music Tuesday – 3.10.15

Brand new releases for you to enjoy!

Doug Burr – White Night, Black Light

Impassioned brooding bedroom folk-rock with broad pop appeal

RIYL: Father John Misty, Arcade Fire, The Lumineers


Pastel Ghost – Abyss

An album about darkness and loneliness wrapped with spectral vocals and electro-pop dance beats

RIYL: Grimes, Purity Ring, Crystal Castles


Norilsk – The Idea of North

Sludge-stoner metal with slow and crushing riffs, death growls, and atmospheric arrangements

RIYL: MY Dying Bride, Morgion, Isis





#FridayFaves: Summer Cannibals – “Something New”

Our favorite new track of the week is “Something New” by Portland band Summer Cannibals. They were recently featured on NPR’s illustrious All Songs Considered, where you can read about and hear more of the track “Something New.”


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#ThrowbackThursday: From the Crates featuring Cormorant

This week we have one of our resident metal experts, Greg, discussing one of his favorites. Watch Greg explain why he loves Dwellings by Cormorant.

New Music Tuesday – 3.3.15

What’s that? You’re in need of a new music recommendation? We can help you with that.


Summer Cannibals – Show Us Your Mind

Punk-laced pop with fuzzy guitars and cheeky attitude. Play it loud.

RIYL: The Thermals, Sleater-Kinney, The Breeders

summercannibals12_largeWork Drugs – Chase the Night

80s new wave inspired, danceable pop

RIYL: MGMT, Foster the People, Passion Pit


Sidney Thompson – Light

Singer-songwriter with a soulful and powerful voice delivering catchy pop songs

RIYL: Adele, Colbie Caillat, Ingrid Michaelson


Gallery Circus – Hollywood Drip

Hard hitting rock with soulful vocals

RIYL: Muse, Imagine Dragons, Queens of the Stone Age


#FridayFaves: HANiF. & 5th Sequence – “Gentrify”

Our favorite new track this week is “Gentrify” from the new EP 12 Inch Vinyls by HANiF. & 5th Sequence. HANiF expertly blends his social commentary about the area where he grew up (NE Portland) with his brand of boom bap. Take a listen and get into it!


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#ThrowbackThursday: From the Crates featuring Roy Buchanan

This week our CEO, Tracy Maddux, talks about one of his favorite CD Baby blues artists, Roy Buchanan.

Brad’s Picks: Gerald Collier – The Best Kisser in the World at his lovelorn best

I bought a CD EP by a Seattle-via-Arizona band called Best Kissers in the World in 1991. The price was right and I liked the band name, plus it was on the Sub Pop label, so that was about all it took. I got hooked on the catchy melodies of the 5 songs, and became a fan of the band’s sweet-but-heavy approach instantly. Keeping track of BKITW was never easy – they jumped to a major label for another EP and eventually a full-length, but it seems like they were being promoted via channels I wasn’t juiced into – and the Internet wasn’t much help with stuff like this in the mid-90’s. I was always a little behind, but eager to catch up. And I always did.

The group disbanded after their sophomore album, which got as far as being recorded and distributed as a promo to record stores, never saw a proper release. Shortly after this, lead Kisser Gerald Collier went solo, dropping the pop-fuzz romance and picking up the acoustic heartbreak right where he left off.

Collier’s voice and lyrics work well in both arenas, but with quieter, starker arrangements, the slight grit in his inimitable delivery gave off a whole new vibe – a new breed of unrequited love and deep sentiments that hit harder than before. The Kissers were never lucky in love either, but they were rarely somber. Collier on his own is more raw, honest, and to the point, and it makes for some really affecting music that toes the line between alt-country and troubadour folk, with a focus on lyricism to make you ache.

We don’t have all of Gerald’s solo albums at CD Baby, but we’ve got a bunch. Here they are:

I Had to Laugh Like Hell


Collier’s first solo album is spare instrumentally but thick with feeling, the lyrics painting pictures of a man who’s destined to go it alone, but is fighting like hell not to.

Low Tar Taste


This 5-song EP adds more country to the mix via an expanded band and most notably, the addition of pedal steel.

Unreleased Country Record


Collier’s got so many songs he can even dig up an album he forgot to release. Features the wonderfully titled “If My Heart Had An Ass, I’d Kick It For Lovin’ You.”

Gerald’s Demos


This digital-only EP features even more unreleased gems from Collier’s catalog.

How Can There Be Another Day?


Collier’s triumphant 2007 return is a headphone-worthy culmination of his alt-country songwriting, a 12-song collection that leaves it all on the table. A great place to familiarize yourself with the man’s work.

See what Gerald is up to these days on facebook, and if you’ve got time, check out this full performance at KEXP a few years back.

a few years back.