Throwback Podcast! Featuring Billy Harner, Maureen Gray, The Sapphires and more

Oldies, but Goodies! Here is our first part in series of throwback podcasts featuring 50s and 60s music deep from CD Baby’s music library. These episodes will be released periodically amongst the other podcasts. Check out what we have for our first installment:

Billy Harner “A Message to My Babe” from Best Of Billy Harner 1962-1976 (Buy at CD Baby)
Sounding a little bit soul, a little bit surf and little bit psychadelic rock… Billy Harner’s A Message to My Babe is a gritty and emotional love song that demonstrates Harner’s ability to weave style and songwriting into a unique sound of his own.

Nina Pinta “I Can’t Help Myself” from Ninapinta and His Bongos and Congas (Buy at CD Baby)
This track comes from a 1966 album featuring percussive instrumental arrangements of hits from the time. The arrangements are classy and tasteful, and bring a latin feel to these classic songs.

Maureen Gray “So Young” from The Best of Philly Soul – Vol. 3 (Buy at CD Baby)
Maureen Gray! Where do I begin? Maureen Gray’s voice is powerful, commanding, emotional and beautiful. CD Baby is lucky to have a few of her recordings. Don’t let this be the last one you hear!

Dino Dupree “A Giant Crab Comes Forth” from Paul Buff Presents… (Buy at CD Baby)
Calling on the sound of a B sci-fi movie, this track sounds arranged (or deranged?) for radio. This track brings comedy and mystery to music, as well as a flair for experimental recording.

Sonny Fulton & The Will-Ettes “Here She Comes Now” from Best Of Lash Records (Buy at CD Baby)
Sounding somewhat Motown and somewhat Big Bopper, this song is fun and danceable. The drummer almost stands out as the lead, showing off a little bit in some of the transitions.

The Hearts “Mamma” from Philly Doo Wop (Buy at CD Baby)
This track comes from a compilation entitled “Philly Doo Wop”, and it is exactly that. The compilation was put together to present John Madara and Dave White’s skills. All of the songs on this compilation are well produced, well written pop songs of that era.

Doug Clark & The Hot Nuts “Hot Nuts Theme 1” from The Best Of (Buy at CD Baby)
Doug Clark & The Hot Nuts started in 1955 and continued on for several years developing their act. Their party-band and comedy edge makes them a great break from some of the more emotional tracks in this podcast.

The Sapphires “Your True Love” from Best of The Sapphires (Buy at CD Baby)
The Penguins meets The Chantels, but softer and more tender than either of the mentioned groups. The Sapphires have more interesting chord changes and percussion than many of their contemporaries.