SXSW Showcase: Shoes, The Shivers, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, and More

Here’s our official SXSW themed Music Discovery Podcast! We’re featuring 6 CD Baby artists who are playing this year. Check it out!

Shoes / “Wrong Idea” from Ignition (Buy at CD Baby)
Like some of the other artists in this Podcast, Shoes take on some interesting influence from pop music of the past but have turned it into a new and exciting contemporary sound. This song in particular makes me think of Squeeze in its ability to balance a driving rock sound, melodic pop feel and a stylish vocal delivery.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults / “Take My Jacket, Pauline” from Untogether (Buy at CD Baby)
This track is a strong and tightly executed take on the dark pop aesthetic that has started coming back in new bands inspired by New Order and Joy Division. More importantly, they take the influence and expand on the possibilities therein. The production is textural, artistic and matched by a danceable beat.

The Wilderness of Manitoba / “Forest City Love” from Delaware House (Buy at CD Baby)
Canadian folk players The Wilderness of Manitoba bring a unique and clean production to their release Delaware House. Their chords and vocal melodies bring the feel of old country, but also feel contemporary. Check their listing in our store for a number of other albums as well!

The Shivers / “Deserter” from Beaks to the Moon (Buy at CD Baby)
The Shivers have a cool 60’s feel and great songs to bring to the table. Deserter brings the most accessible feel from the album, but there’s more here than just accessibility. Overall, Beaks to the Moon is a diverse and interesting pop album.

Chaos Chaos / “In This Place” from In This Place (Buy at CD Baby)
Chaos Chaos are our new best friends. This duo has been public since they were kids and even played on Jimmy Kimmel in 2006 as an impressive couple of musically gifted youngsters. Their song writing, performance and production has evolved and their sound is fresh and inspiring. Don’t forget the name Chaos Chaos.

Seryn / “On My Knees” from This Is Where We Are (Buy at CD Baby)
Hailing from Texas, psych-folk group Seryn bring a more considered and stripped down approach to their songs. For me, this particular track stands out in terms of guitar work. Their skilled and sensitive attention to instrumentation and vocals drive their songs on an impressive level.