Music Discovery Podcast 1/31/13

Here’s another CD Baby Music Discory Podcast! From indierock.. to surf… this podcast channels new music at CD Baby. Here’s the list:

Drew Danburry / “Jennifer Connelly, or Fools Mock but They Shall Mourn” from The First Pillar (Buy at CD Baby)
Drew Danburry has had a number of projects and musical endeavors that have established him as a versatile and creative musical persona. This new album stands tall amongst his work. Don’t let this track be the only one you hear.

Shrimp Chaperone / “Duck N’ Cover” from Trilobite Weekend (Buy at CD Baby)
This track appeared to me out of no where while browsing our new releases category. It really only took 10 seconds in for me to decide I love it, because I love surf music. However, don’t let that story box in the talent and potential of this group. They are quirky and cool, and their melodies and rhythms are too.

Air Review / “America’s Son” from Low Wishes (Buy at CD Baby)
Coming from their 9-track release, this song stands out amongst them. The music is well composed and the melodies and production on the voice and percussion are colorful and inspiring. Listen to as much as you can from this group. They are consistently good.

Veluxe / “Spring in Winter” from Don’t Make A Scene (Buy at CD Baby)
This track belongs to a compilation containing several groups out of Rochester, New York. It’s worth hearing the collection all of the way through as it is filled with a variety of styles and approaches, while not straying from a college rock sound. Veluxe have two different tracks on the release.

Grandparents / “Candy Glove” from Live From the Banana Stand (Buy at CD Baby)
Coming out of our own Portland, Grandparents are a creative and interesting fuse between kruat and indie rock. The recording comes from Banana Stand, which is a concept for recording local bands at their shows and putting out records.

Wildlife Control / “Different” from Different (Buy at CD Baby)
Gaining popularity and with no deficit of good sounds and good ideas, this is the new single from Wildlife Control. These guys have an accessible pop sound that is built on a foundation of good production and instrumentation.