Music Discovery Podcast 1/16/13

Our newest Music Discovery Podcast features six tracks and brings us up to date on some of what’s new at CD Baby! While the sequence isn’t chronological, this group of songs takes us from the tail end of 2012 and brings us up to the last couple weeks of this new year. Check it out:

Datahowler / “Hidden Kingdom” from The Crystal Gazers (Buy at CD Baby)
Not only is The Crystal Gazers my favorite cover art I have put in a podcast this year, but this is also one of my favorite tracks in this mix. The production makes the music feel contemporary and simultaneously reaches back to 80s hip hop and electronic dance veterans Daft Punk. This doesn’t seem so much like an influence to me as it does a parallel.

XD 7 / “How Things Change” from XD 7 (Buy at CD Baby)
Also hailing from New York, XD 7 are a tight, well oiled Jazz machine. Seven members big (hence the “7”) their sound is full and textural. All of the tracks in this album take on different melodic and rhythmic perspective and feel fresh and diverse. We’re looking forward to more!

Music By Bradley James / “Where Did I Go” from Music By Bradley James (Buy at CD Baby)
Another Texas artist in the mix, Bradley James is a young performer who’s album demonstrates a strong sensibility for pop melodies and style. For me, this song sits apart for the rest of the tracks in Bradley James’s new album. It shows off his ability to perform vocally and refer to older feeling sound –specifically R & B.

Pepper Johnson / “Laura” from Flat Country (Buy at CD Baby)
Based out of New York, Pepper Johnson’s new album has 8 stunning songs that are esthetically cohesive and still diverse in mood and style. They mix a country’s melodies and rolling rhythms with sharp, accessible pop melodies. Hear for yourself.

Moon Casale / “I Don’t Know” from Moon Casale (Buy at CD Baby)
This artist certainly seems to possess a musical vision. His songs are easily recognized for his ability to deliver emotional vocals and evocative lyrics, which adds gravity to his impressive finger picking and chord changes on guitar. Moon Casale’s history is interesting. It’s worth looking him up, hearing more of his songs and even watching his new video Youtube-which supports this album!

The Coasts / “No One’s Listening” from Santa Fe (Buy at CD Baby)
Judging by the short description on their album page, The Coasts’ formula is as simple as “Guitar. Drums. Bass. We play them.” While their formula may not be difficult to describe, what they have done with it is pretty amazing. The vocal mic sound… the singing, the guitar tone, the driving percussion, and the rhythm/chord changes all fit together to make this band great.