Music Discovery Podcast 1/2/13

Welcome to our post-Christmas cakes and New Year’s hangover solution! This new CD Baby Music Discovery podcast bumps the duration by a track since the last two, and puts you back in place with some of the years closing releases at CD Baby. Here’s our track list:

Viva Mars / “Some Far Off Place” from Yes, Indeed, You Are Right, That’s It (Buy at CD Baby)
Canada based artist Viva Mars has only begun in the first of two halves for this release. That is, this album is the first of a 2-album concept. The second half is currently in production. I don’t know if you will read this Viva Mars but we’re all waiting. This song/album is awesome so far.

Annabel / “At Least For Now” from Youth in Youth (Buy at CD Baby)
Based in Ohio, Annabel’s new release Youth in Youth picks up where groups like Built to Spill and Desaparecidos left off. While all of the songs on this release are good, this track “At Least For Now” particularly takes the most risks in rhythm and changes.

Lorine Chia / “Can We” from Lorine (Buy at CD Baby)
Lorine Chia is our second Ohio based artist in this mix. It isn’t easy to find good singer with this good of production. The beats dip in and out of polyrhythm. Overall the track is both interesting and inspiring.

Idyl / “Silent Prophet in the Hall of the King” from Elements of the Field (Buy at CD Baby)
Alex Dupree’s band Idyl is creative and genuine. NPR describes this release as “Dense, melodic folk…” It’s true. This tracks goes from a sparse and tragic melody into a heavy, droning drum-line in the first few seconds.

Julie Byrne / “Holiday” from Faster or Greener Than Now (Buy at CD Baby)
A sweet and smart folk-pop track from Julie Byrne. While I fell short of finding this one in time before the Holidays, it would be a shame not to include it in this set. The songs from this release have a nice shimmering lo-fi aesthetic that parallel the quality of the music.

Rob Parton Big Band / “Coda” from We’ll Be Together Again (Buy at CD Baby)
It is difficult to encapsulate this stunning 8 minute treasure trove of Chicago Jazz sound. My impression from his website is that Rob Parton’s focus is performance, performance, performance. You can certainly hear it in this track. The musicians take every section to their breaking point. It’s my favorite way to close a podcast yet.