Music Discovery Podcast 12/19/12

Make way! We’ve got yet another CD Baby Music Discovery Podcast! This set consists of 5 new releases that cover a lot of genre ground. Here’s the track list:

Graveyard Lovers / “Gone Too Far” from Manifesto EP (Buy at CD Baby)
A blues-based indie rock duo from New York, Graveyard Lovers have an awesome name and an even better sound. Their sound is full and diverse for being only two members. Word is that they have a full-length album coming out soon. We can’t wait to hear it.

Neill Von Tally / “Connected (Look)” from For Now (Buy at CD Baby)
This instrumental hip-hop project comes out of our very own Portland, OR. Neil Von Tally is really showing off in this track. The sequences and patterns used create a rich environment and the production isn’t half bad either. I’m really excited to have stumbled upon this one in our new releases.

The Ocean Floor / “My Shelf” from Falling Star Castle (Buy at CD Baby)
Lane Barrington’s creation The Ocean Floor has been a revolving cast of musicians since it began in 2001. This project also hails out of Portland, OR. Overall the sound of the group is extremely dynamic in texture and melody. This album is a non-stop, track by track voyage of sounds and experiments in pop-ensemble.

Control / “Popular Music From the Birthplace of Humanity” from Longino, K (Buy at CD Baby)
Hailing from Wisconsin, Control is a witty and musically proficient math-rock group that is unafraid of complicating rhythms and melodies. Although, there are only 4 tracks on this release, its feels like so many songs and so many ideas. I wish I could play this in this podcast twice.

Brian Chimera / “Eoq” from Dream (Buy at CD Baby)
This track is a lush, sonic ballad for electronic instrumental music. The artist, based in Ecuador, has several CD Baby releases and appears to be somewhat prolific, but it’s no easy task to collect information on this group. His album description describes his sound as “simple, dreamy, chilling and happy”. I totally agree.