Music Discovery Podcast 12/5/12

We’re back! We know it’s been too long, but we are so pleased to say that we are back and ready to share some new installments of the CD Baby Music Discovery Podcast. For this round, we have a short, but awesome set of songs to listen to. Here’s some info per track:

Sndclsh / “Clocks” from Clocks – Single (Buy at CD Baby)
This debut EP is a new electronic music project by MC Lupe Fiasco and DJ Sky Gellatly. According to their Soundcloud page, all of the profits from this EP will be going to raise money for children in need in Chicago.

Lemolo / “Whale Song” from The Kaleidoscope (Buy at CD Baby)
Another duo group, Lemolo’s pretty dream-pop has earned them a shout out for being amongst the “Best New Seattle Bands” by Seattle Magazine. Their receiving good reviews for a good reason. The music from this new album will have you wanting more.

Grant-Lee Phillips / “Walking in the Green Corn” from Walking in the Green Corn (Buy at CD Baby)
Phillips’ ambitious new album certainly benefits from a lush production and has been put together with an ear for instrumentation. Both this song and also the song “Great Horned Owl” particularly stand out.

JP Haynie / “Peaceful River” from The Sand (Buy at CD Baby)
A concept album about ‘the desert’, this group of songs has some impressive textural sounds and melodies. It is also worth mentioning the artwork comes from Phil Elverum of Mount Eerie and Microphones. It’s not impossible to hear a connection between the two artists in their love for patient and developed chord changes.

Radical Face / “Always Gold (Acoustic Version)” from Always Gold EP (Buy at CD Baby)
This is a project by Ben Cooper of Electric President, Iron Orchestra and Mother’s Basement. Hailing out of Jacksonville, Florida, Radical Face alone released 3 albums and 3 eps so far. This release offers two versions of the track “Almost Gold”, a heavier ensemble version and an acoustic version.