Music Discovery Podcast 11/29/11

We’re back after a Thanksgiving break and we’ve got 6 tracks for you to gobble up like turkey leftovers.

Goldini Bagwell / “Wmn Vs. Wrk” from Chainsmoke (Buy at CD Baby)
CD Baby’s own Goldini Bagwell — Gold to his friends — is releasing his debut solo album this week. For years he’s rocked mics with Portland’s legendary Sandpeople crew, and is fresh off a fall tour with World Rap Champions Illmaculate and Thesaurus. While he may live the rap life at night, by day Gold is a mild-mannered digital distribution specialist, editing albums for delivery to digital retailers and ensuring CD Baby’s catalog always looks tight.

Underground System Afrobeat / “B.O.B.” from The B.O.B. EP (Buy at CD Baby)
Putting their original Brooklynized stamp on the classic afrobeat style, Underground System Afrobeat is a huge band with a huge sound. 4 horns and 7 rhythm players armed and ready to whip any space into a massive dance party. The ensemble was born in early 2010 as the brainchild of guitarist Peter Matson who fell in love with the music and story of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti while playing in a group directed by members of the seminal Afrobeat group Antibalas. Having learned the style and gaining inspiration from the best players around it was time to continue playing and creating the music with his peers. USA was born, aiming first to progress but also to pay homage to the amazing sounds that were emanating from Nigeria and the rest of West Africa in the 70’s.

Arma Secreta / “Leotards” from Dependent Lividity (Buy at CD Baby)
Four years after the demise of post-punk band Staynless, guitarist/singer Christopher Wark returns to rock music. After assembling a crack squad of instrumentalists: drummer/singer Bradley Bean, and Bassist Michael Brandon, Christopher has feverishly and methodically pieced together his monolith from a brain catalog of fragmented sounds. The Memphis, TN band’s self-produced full-length album “A Century’s Remains” was recorded in multiple sessions and locations over the last year.

Samantha Ronson & The Undertakers / “Until It’s Yesterday” from Chasing The Reds (Buy at CD Baby)
While you might know Samantha Ronson as “über hip DJ”, or “celebrity gossip magnet”, or “daughter of guitar god”, or “brother of super-producer”, you might not yet know her as “elegant songwriter, and gentle-voiced pop crooner.” Not until now, that is. Chasing the Reds is a surprisingly nuanced yet guileless collection of pop songs with enough hooks to keep you listening, but enough quirks to make it interesting.

Anis Mojgani / “Four Stars” from The World: Before & After (Buy at CD Baby)
What happens when thirteen of the nation’s most renowned poets, including the likes of Buddy Wakefield, Danny Sherrard, Anis Mojgani (heard here) and Matt Gano, collaborate on an album set to a score by award-winning musician and producer Steven Clough is nothing short of genius. In an album destined to be unlike anything you’ve heard before, The World: Before & After features poems inspired by the artists’ views on a range of worldly topics. All royalties from sales of this album will be donated to support community-based arts programs. From multiple International and National Slam Poetry champions, to internationally touring artists, an internationally traveling Cultural Envoy of the Arts for the U.S., to a poet invited to the White House by First Lady Michelle Obama and the man called a “rock star” of the poetry world by The Boston Globe, The World: Before & After is a collaboration between some of the world’s best poets.

Joe Pug / “Nation of Heat” from Live at Lincoln Hall (Buy at CD Baby)
CD Baby Music Discovery favorite Joe Pug has just released an incredible document. Recorded live in his adoptive hometown of Chicago, these 17 tracks capture what makes Joe Pug a special artist — his intimate connection with his fans, his beguilingly simple delivery, his big heart. His rise has been meteoric as of late — from giving away his music for free to anyone who asked for it, to releasing his newest albums with Lightning Rod records (home of James McMurtry) and selling out shows all over the country. We’re pleased to team up on this live album, showcasing his immense talent in it’s native habitat.

  • Gabe

    Ben, I love the music on the podcast. I did like the small stories between the songs to give me a little detail on the artists. I also liked the very brief, (one time), staff pick. You guys have a huge catalogue, and it is great to hear about what you guys are listening to.

  • Thanks for the feedback, Gabe!

  • And the staff picks will be back for sure!