Music Discovery Podcast 11/1/11

We’ve got seven tracks for you this week — all from fresh albums just released on CD Baby. With the exception of the Embers track, which is actually creepy as hell, there’s not really a Halloween theme.

Ancient Heat / “Oh . . . You Bad” from Oh . . . You Bad (Buy at CD Baby)
Portland electro-disco group kicks out hot dance beats. The EP features two remixes of the title track, as well as a B side.

Jupe Jupe / “Olympic Garden” from Reduction in Drag (Buy at CD Baby)
Jupe Jupe might remind you a bit of Pulp at first listen. But if you listen again, they’ll probably REALLY remind you of Pulp. And that’s fine by me.

Find the Others / “Farewell to Winter” from Find the Others (Buy at CD Baby)
Find the Others is the project of Toronto guitarist Andy Sheppard, collaborating with visual artists. One might feel a little ripped off only hearing the music and not seeing the associated visuals, except that the music itself is so beautiful on its own.

Dangerflow / “Shocker” fromn Win Lose or Die (Buy at CD Baby)
Hailing from Miami, Dangerflow mix afro-cuban rhythms with club bangers and hip-hop vocals.

Embers / “Insecticide” from Lichtzwart (Buy at CD Baby)
A Belgian noise duo about whom there is not much available in English. Their press kit seems to be the following, which works for me::

No more white lies
No more hiding behind
funny nicknames
The deathtrain has simply crashed
into the railway station

Limbs are twitching
Embers are glowing

For God’s sake:
Lettuce prey…

With Lions / “To Be” from Touch the Sound (Buy at CD Baby)
The first of four EPs to be released this year by this ambitious duo — huge sounds. They’re also performing one, meticulously rehearsed show for each EP in the cycle.

Moving Castles / “Heroin” from Twin Daggers (Buy at CD Baby)
Moving Castles play rock music. These days, with the proliferation of micro-genres so specific there are often only 2 or 3 bands committed to the style, it’s a little refreshing. Big guitars, big choruses, and a big final chord.