PBR Star Colby Yates Releases Debut Country Album

Colby Yates / Right Amount of RenegadeIt’s not too often professional athletes successfully cross over into the music world (no, The Big Aristotle doesn’t count. And think of the failed albums of Allen Iverson, Ron Artest, and countless others). But perhaps bull riding has a more natural affiliation to country music than rap has to basketball.

Colby Yates has been riding professionally for 11 years now, so he knows his way around a bull. But it turns out music is in his blood — his Grandmother sang with the Chuck Wagon Gang — a popular gospel group in the 30s. So it’s no surprise, I suppose, that his debut album is seeing great success. While he doesn’t sing about bull riding all the time, his day job does lend an authentic feel to his songs. When he sings about a cowboy with broken ribs, he’s not just blowing smoke — he’s been there!

Download the album, entitled Right Amount of Renegade right here and don’t forget to root for Colby as he rides for the championship this weekend!

  • Julie Johnson

    Colby my grandson is very much into riding bulls. From the tome of a new born to now he has been crazy about rodeos, especially the bull rider. His whole family backs him, its like I have always know he would ride, me( I am just Grandma) but when he needs entry money and needs a little help we all help. He is also a Christian and does not mind standing up for what is right in life. He told me about you, and would like your album for Christmas. I am in a wheelchair so shopping is hard for me to do. Please answer and tell me how to purchase one from you. Also should you and your family ever be down our way please feel free to drop in, be glad to cook youand friends a good meal. I will keep you and all bull riders and all other rodeo folks in my prayers. I failed to mention that Blake rides for the Georgia High School Rodeo and some pro group that I can not remember the name. Anyway I enjoyed listen to the music on the computer. May God Bless……..and you all have a MERRY CHRISTMASJulie Satcher e-mail johnson_clarence@bellsouth.net phone 334 298 0058