New live video from Patrice Pike

Your intrepid host is home sick these last couple of days, but will return later this week with a podcast highlighting this week’s best new music from CD Baby — in the mean time, check this out:

Patrice Pike: Live and Then Some! from Pride Wright on Vimeo.

Long-time CD Baby artist Patrice Pike just released an EP of bonus tracks from her second volume of live recordings from the Brushwood Lounge series. Today she has a new video up from her release party for that album, and it’s well worth watching. Brushwood Lounge curator Pride Wright explains:

Rolling Stone magazine said of Patrice Pike, “She’s Tina Turner, Bessie Smith, Janis Joplin, and Robert Plant all rolled up into a tiny but explosive package.” Her repeat visits to the bucolic town of Murphys in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California over the past eight years have yielded a deep connection with place, a host of friends and fans, and an ongoing stream of fruitful creative collaborations. “Live and Then Some: Brushwood Lounge Volume 2”, released this summer, and the follow-up five song EP “Live at the Brushwood Lounge, Volume 2.5” offer further evidence of Pike’s movement in the direction of R&B. In this six song video, her soulful performance ranges from smoldering to combustible. Her EP is specially priced at $3.49 for the remainder of the month, and it’s an excellent introduction to one of the finest live performers on the scene today.