Music Discovery Podcast 10/25/11

Your host was knocked out by a nasty sinus infection last week, but Ben is back with a double stuffed episode this week. 8 tracks from hot new albums dropping these last two weeks.

Katie Kate / “Hunting” from Flatland (Buy at CD Baby)
Debut release from Seattle’s Katie Kate. Bold, innovative beats layered with slick raps, catchy pop hooks and equal parts humor and pain.

State Champion / “The First Day” from Deep Shit (Buy at CD Baby)
Kansas rockers deliver bombast and hooks, sloppy and sweet. I don’t know if it’s the early nineties, Pavement-meets-Replacements vibe, or the casual but insightful lyrics or what exactly, but this is one of my favorite things I’ve heard in a while.

Ryan Horne / “Palm of Your Hand” from The Whistler & The Majestic (Buy at CD Baby)
Nashville singer-songwriter’s 6th album delivers rich instrumentation and always arresting songwriting.

Mr. Gnome / “Winter” from Madness in Miniature (Buy at CD Baby)
Two-piece from Cleveland makes strikingly original music for fans of having their ear-drums alternately thrashed and massaged.

The Western States Motel / “All the Stars” from Freeway Freeway Riverbed (Buy at CD Baby)
Los Angeles has plenty of bouncy pop bands, and the Western States Motel are certainly one of them. But that’s not to say they’re unoriginal — focused instrumentation highlights snare-drum-tight songwriting and makes for a very cohesive sound.

The Graves / “Say It In a Song” from The Graves – EP (Buy at CD Baby)
Inevitable Jonas Brothers comparisons aside, these three brothers have put together a handful of songs that are velcro-catchy and honey-sweet.

Mindy Gledhill / “Little Soldier” from Winter Moon (Buy at CD Baby)
Her last album, Anchor, still feels fresh, and it may be only October, but the Utah singer-songwriter is back with a full album of holiday season music. Don’t worry — fans of Ingrid Michaelson or Regina Spektor will have no complaints about the pop surplus.

The Curtis Brothers / “Protestor” from Completion of Proof (Buy at CD Baby)
New York jazz scene heavyweight brothers unite for their second album and deliver some next level modern latin-jazz.

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