Music Discovery Podcast 9/6/11

New release from a San Francisco/Olympia Wurlitzer and Cello duo, some Portland and Seattle folks Ben’s caught live in the last few months, and a midwestern rap up-and-comer.

You Are Plural / “No More” from No More (Buy at CD Baby)

Deelay Ceelay / “Little Whispers” from Sunset Drumsets (Buy at CD Baby)

Wild Ones / “You’re A Winner” from You’re A Winner (Buy at CD Baby)

Your Canvas / “Are You Scared?” from Real And Imagined (Buy at CD Baby)

Wonderful / “Rainbow Colors” from Wake Up To Dream Land (Buy at CD Baby)

Coolzey / “Graduation Day” and “Uh Huh” from Coolzey and the Search for the Hip Hop Hearts – Volume I: He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper (Buy at CD Baby)

  • Noemail

    Excellent. Just excellent.