Music Discovery Podcast 9/27/11

It’s officially fall, and here at CD Baby we’ve got a HUGE crop of new releases for you. 6 tracks here, all from albums released this week. Also, be sure to check out the new Metal Discovery Podcast from Brad and Bill here at CD Baby.

Chico Hamilton / “Midnight on Montrose Ave” from Revelation (Buy at CD Baby)
Over his more than 50 year career, Chico Hamilton has shared a stage with basically every jazz player who matters. In his own right, he’s been a composer, bandleader, professor, and above all, an incredible musician.

Josh And Mer / “Skeleton Key” from Planet Music (Buy at CD Baby)
They may have syrupy harmonies that bring to mind Mates of State but the singing isn’t the only thing that’s sweet about Portland’s Josh and Mer. They also share some incredible dessert tips on their website under the banner of “Hipster Decadence”. Melted brie with raspberries and almond shavings? Yes, please.

The Quelle Source / “I Never Saw You Kiss Him” from The French Rapture (Buy at CD Baby)
Philadelphia’s Quelle Source came together 6 years ago “from the ashes of two terrible high school bands”. They’re far from terrible now, and if this 3 song EP is any indication, they’re headed for big things.

Vanish Valley / “Hazy Hills” from Get Good (Buy at CD Baby)
Vanish Valley’s Andrew McAllister has spent the past few years in Seattle, Austin, and most recently, Los Angeles, and you can hear each place in these songs: the dreary edge of Damien Jurado on a rainy Washington morning, Okkervil River heard through the smoky haze of a Texas dive bar, and strains of Flying Burrito Brothers snaking through Laurel Canyon.

Threadbare, Brother / “When Summer Comes Again” from When The War Is Through (Buy at CD Baby)
When the Decemberists first broke onto the national scene a few years back, there was a neologism that was coined to describe Colin Meloy’s lyrical method: hyper-literate. More than anything else, that describes Atlanta’s Threadbare, Brother to a tee. I believe they were even named after a used book store.

The Shants / “(I’m Not) Gonna Waste Another Song On You” from Beautiful Was The Night (Buy at CD Baby)
The Shants’ slow-burning sound originates from the rural backgrounds of its members: from South Louisiana delta pines, to the brusk plains of Minnesota to the rolling hills of the Central California Coast. The Shants now call Oakland, California home.

  • What is a brusk plain?

    • Brusk is a less-common spelling of brusque. “Brusk plain” was a poetic figure of speech that I actually lifted from the band’s press kit (busted!)