Music Discovery Podcast 9/20/11

Another week, another badass crop of new releases! We’ve got recent albums from SF electro-poppers and Dallas folksters, plus brand spankin new music from all over the country. Extra long episode this week, because there’s extra awesome music.

Mist Giant / “What With” from Human Tree – EP (Buy at CD Baby)
Recently signed to LA’s Velvet Blue label (home of Music Discovery favorites Seryn among others), San Fransisco’s Mist Giant just released this 3 song EP and are taking the town and the country by storm with their moody, synthy pop.

Maimouna Youssef / “I Got A Man” from The Blooming (Buy at CD Baby)
Up and comer Maimouna Youssef is bursting onto the DC scene with her new album The Blooming. Featuring some top artists, including Zap Mama, and, on this standout track, production from DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Red Heart The Ticker / “Carrion Crow” from Your Name In Secret I Would Write (Buy at CD Baby)
Robin MacArthur is half of Red Heart The Ticker. Her grandmother recorded most of these songs almost 50 years ago for Folkways records, but they are older than that — they are old songs from Vermont and around the world. “Carrion Crow” is a traditional British song.

Akshan / “Bedroom Antix” from Island Rocker (Buy at CD Baby)
Akshan’s style references his native patois and a euro-pop dynamic to create what he calls a “modern Euro-Yard” style. The Crush features numerous productions by producer Arsonal, but this track is maybe the best of the bunch and is produced by K-Nyne.

Annalise Emerick / “This Love Won’t Break Your Heart” from Starry-Eyed (Buy at CD Baby)
This young Boston singer/songwriter is releasing her debut album this week, and it’s already getting big buzz. It’s made the top 10 on the Singer/Songwriter charts on iTunes it’s first day, and getting attention locally and nationally. Fans of Ingrid Michaelson will feel right at home.

New Shouts / “Hung On You” from Sing New Shouts (Buy at CD Baby)
Pittsburgh’s New Shouts might be lumped in with the Spector-worshipping crop of bands that have burst onto the scene in the last few years — certainly fans of Girls, Cults, or Best Coast will find something to like here. But while their sound is pure wall of sound, the songs owe more in their pleasantly unorthodox changes and nuanced structure to Village Green era Kinks or early Bee Gees. Either way, this is one of my favorite new releases in a while.

Fox And The Bird / “Floating Feather” from Floating Feather (Buy at CD Baby)
Fox and the Bird could easily be called a super group. They boast members from Dallas’ best folk groups and this album features songs from five different songwriters. But this sells short the magical chemistry that emerges from them. I had the pleasure of sharing a stage with them by happenstance in Salt Lake City, and their raw energy was infectious as they burst into the alley behind the venue and sang a capella to lure smokers back inside for the show.

  • Anonymous

    Best song in this episode is, definitively, “Floating Feather” from Fox And The Bird. Beautiful tune.