Music Discovery Podcast 9/13/11

Ben’s back and rocking jams from a Canadian electro pop band, a Portuguese jazz singer from New York, a trip-hop chanteuse from Seattle, an Argument-era-Fugazi-esque band from DC, and an academic rapper from San Fransisco, all with brand new albums released this week on CD Baby and digital stores worldwide.

Allosaurus / “You And I” from Old Solar (Buy at CD Baby)
Old Solar is Allosaurus’ debut album, released on the fast-rising Canadian label Other Songs Music Co. Super catchy pop hooks and smooth vocals put these kids soundly on the Electro-Pop shelf, but production and beats that are never simplistic ensure Allosaurus is more for fans of The Postal Service than Owl City.

Sara Serpa / “Corto” from Mobile (Buy at CD Baby)
A Portuguese native, Sara Serpa has spent the last few years studying and playing in New York. Well-respected in the Jazz world as one of the most original vocalists on the scene, she’s releasing her second album on CD Baby.

Anomie Belle / “Picture Perfect (Feat. Jon Auer)” from The Crush (Buy at CD Baby)
For the last three years, Toby Campbell has been recording and performing under the Anomie Belle moniker. Her trip-hop stylings will please fans of Portishead and her stylized vocals will remind some of Bjork. On her newest album The Crush, she gets help from a handful of well-known friends including members of Trespassers William, Mr. Lif, and on this standout track, Jon Auer of The Posies.

More Humans / “Mason-Dixon” from Demon Station (Buy at CD Baby)
Hailing from DC will surely ensure More Humans are subject to Fugazi comparisons — they share the chuggy, angular riffage of those DC stalwarts, especially their later, more contemplative albums. But More Humans’ inventive harmonies seem to owe more to the influence of Robbie Robertson or Jon Fogerty than Guy Picciotto or Ian MacKaye.

Hopie / “Knock (Feat. Murs)” from Raw Gems (Buy at CD Baby)
You could argue that Hopie Spitshard might not be the most deserving rapper of national success. Not that she isn’t talented — she is. Her lyricism and beats will please backpackers and old school enthusaists alike. But with a law degree in her back pocket, Hopie has a leg up on the competition in the “fall back career” department.

  • such a nice podcast!! love that track by Anomie Belle, off The Crush. sweet. thanks guys – cheers! ~beth

  • hey ben – I really like the way you put together your music: how you manage to mix the genres without making my ears ake… and I absolutely adore sara serpas album. thank you for sharing it with me 🙂

    • Thanks Annina! Stay tuned, lots more to come.