Music Discovery Podcast 8/23/11

We check out new releases this week (we’ll be featuring new jams every week from here out!) and hear from some old school, garage-flavored bands. Ben flies solo for the first time, and brings in a little help from Patrick AKA “P Mack” for a garagey jam from Europe.

Voxhaul Broadcast / “Blackout” from Timing Is Everything (Buy at CD Baby)

Little Gold / “Mike Swan” from Weird Freedom (Buy at CD Baby)

Wyldlife / “Lit Lounge” from Wyldlife (Buy at CD Baby)

Slam Dunk / “Bearcub” from The Shivers (Buy at CD Baby)

Blue Skies For Black Hearts / “Majoring In The Arts” from Embracing The Modern Age (Buy at CD Baby)

J.C. Satán / “Odyssey Of Love” from Sick Of Love (Buy at CD Baby)