Editor’s Pick – Sewing Pattern: The Bicycle Songcycle

Sewing Pattern is a band out of Chicago which is (from what I can tell) the solo project of Angie Ma, who also plays with indie orchestral pop band Canasta. Taking inspiration from Sufjan Stevens’ Illinois project, and “originally created as a senior thesis project, this album weaves through songs saluting the history of bicycles and lost love”. So that concept grabbed me immediately, as elaborate chamber pop & bicycles are two of my favorite things.

What’s more, the album is a great mix of twee, baroque pop that calls to mind everything from Van Dyke Parks and Margot Guryan to Belle & Sebastian to (natch) Sufjan Stevens. Really fun stuff that I can’t wait to dig into more and absorb the songs. Check out this brief song snippet, then get The Bicycle Songcycle on CD Baby.