Editor’s Pick: JD McPherson – Signs & Signifiers

On this album, JD McPherson captures the raw, untethered energy of the classic early days or rock & roll. Before autotune, before click tracks, hell – before the Beatles, there was this kind of rock and roll that celebrated girls, good times, and itself, as a new form of expression. That same primal passion is what fuels this album, and it’s totally wonderful. Recorded on vintage gear, the songs sound both vintage yet modern in each instrument’s clarity, thanks to great production, mixing & engineering (Produced by Jimmy Sutton and engineered by Alex Hall). Fans of rockabilly, Little Richard, or Nick Curran will find a lot to love here.

Album highlights include the haunting “Signs & Signifiers”, which calls to mind the Allison Krauss/Robert Plant album, “Scandalous”, the fast-paced stomper, and the album opener, “North Side Gal”, a simple yet effective song which efficiently distills the sound of  the album as a whole into one song: fun stuff with a great band and a great singer!

Be sure to get Signs & Signifiers on CD Baby right here, then check out this great video for “North Side Gal”: