Meet Michael Brook – composer, inventor, producer

Michael Brook is a brilliant man: inventor, musician, composer and producer. You may know him from inventing the Infinite Guitar. Brook produced two Infinite Guitars, one of which belongs to Daniel Lanois. The other belongs to The Edge, who used it prominently in U2’s With or Without You.  That device basically creates an infinite sustain on a guitar, something like a built-in e-bow. Prior to that, he worked with The Edge on the soundtrack to the movie Captive, which features some of Edge’s toe-dipping into more experimental music. I also love his work on Peter Murphy’s dark and lovely 1995 album Cascade (my personal favorite album from Mr. Murphy).

In 1985, Michael’s first solo album Hybrid, with contributions from both Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois, was released on EG Records to great critical acclaim. That album remains among the ground-breaking works of the mid-80s.

He did the soundtrack to the Oscar-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth, which you can get right here, while he also made an intriguing solo album in 2006 called RockPaperScissors which features guest spots from luminaries such as Richard Burton, Paul Buchanen, Lisa Germano and the great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. A year later, he released the companion album, Bellcurve, featuring remixes by James Hood. More recently, he composed the Golden Globe-nominated score to Sean Penn’s film Into the Wild. Plus he just completed scores for the upcoming films The Fighter and Country Strong.

Anyway, he makes fascinating music, highly recommend for fans of Eno, Lanois, or Peter Gabriel, or The Edge. So go check out the 4 albums of his which we have on CD Baby, then check out this interview/EPK for the RockPaperScissors album.