For a good cause: Sukolioitin oing’ua O’lolokwe (Songs from O’lolokwe)

Recorded live in Kenya at the foot of Mount O’lolokwe, this collection of traditional Samburu Maasai songs symbolizes hope in a dying culture. All proceeds go to the tribe, who are struggling to survive a drought and horrific human rights violations.

In 2009, Kenyan police forcibly took over 6000 cattle from innocent Samburu, including widows and orphans, driving them into famine during the century’s worst drought. They spent over a year fighting tirelessly for human rights, restoring security, and developing a Cattle National ID system to prevent future losses. Although the rest of the country has recovered from last year’s drought, Samburu East residents remain destitute and in a state of famine due to the loss of their cattle, over 6000 head. To help families recover and start over, they have launched this CD, of which 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the tribe.

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