Editor’s Pick: Doug Burr – The Shawl

This is truly moving music that falls somewhere between the moodier side of Wilco and the folkier side of Sufjan Stevens. With an incredibly evocative mix, sometimes recalling Daniel Lanois, every element of the arrangements here are purposefully placed and effected to the perfect amount. Not that the music steals the show – Burr’s clear, strong vocals go from whisper soft to loud and upfront, not too dissimilar from David Gray, and he sings with such conviction, you can tell he believes what he’s singing about. With lyrics taken directly from the Psalms, it’s hard to argue with poetry that’s thousands of years old, but what really takes this album away is the gorgeous production value and stirring melodies Burr gives us. For moody, folky music from a Biblical perspective, this is pretty much as good as it gets; let’s hope that other acoustic Christian artists follow Burr’s example of great production, original melodies, and timeless lyrics.
Enjoy this fan-made video for “I Am Weary With My Sighing” and you’ll want to get the album right away.