New Christmas music – E.S. Posthumus: Christmas Eve

You know E.S. Posthumus from their Super Bowl song with Jay-Z. The past year has been one of change and upheaval for the group, because, as Helmut says:

When Franz passed away last May, the project was barely off the ground; however, a lyric, piano sketch and rough vocal were completed on the new song. As kids, Franz and I had a favorite arranger,  Jeremy Lubbock. In memory of Franz and our childhood, I reached out to Jeremy and asked if he would arrange the song for us.  He kindly agreed.  I managed to salvage the rough vocal that my brother and I had recorded months earlier and included it in the recording…  ironically, this was our last recording session together.

Their song is called Christmas Eve, and you can check it out on CD Baby here. Then, enjoy this video of their song with Jay-Z, as featured earlier this year in the Super Bowl.