Editor’s Pick: The Mike O’Meara Show

With about a year of daily podcasts and over 4 million downloads (!) – The Mike O’Meara Show is nothing to sneeze at. As the Washington Post put it:

O’Meara’s regular listeners know that he wouldn’t have chosen to be this sort of Internet pioneer – – he has sometimes bawled in mock-hysteria on the show about the turn his career has taken. But the young enterprise appears to have some juice: The podcast regularly cracks the “top 20” list of comedy programs at iTunes and is up to an average of 15,000 downloads a day.

As we told you before,

CD Baby is proud to offer the uncensored bonus shows which they produce every Friday. As an avid listener for over 12 years, I can promise you that these guys will make you laugh out loud every time you listen.

The [NSFW] bonus episodes are about an hour long and feature the four guys wise-cracking, philosophizing, and offering their take on everything from pop culture and politics, to their family lives and grooming habits. Yes, they get personal and it’s always a good listen. Sometimes Mike’s chihuahua or Oscar’s girlfriend will stop by (courtesy of Mike’s masterful impressions).

What’s next for the show? Animation, courtesy of Gabe Strine Studio, in which segments of the show are set to hilarious animated bits.

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