Editor’s Pick – Panorama by Birds & Batteries

Pitchfork has said of San Francisco’s Birds & Batteries, “A bit like a high-concept mashup, this fusion of two of the slickest eras of pop production produces some polished results.” And on their 3rd full-length release, they don’t disappoint. Mixing electronic and organic elements with pop hooks ala Dada, Spoon, Neil Finn, and the New Pornographers, it’s no wonder these guys (and girl) are causing a stir at music festivals like SXSW and NoisePop. Bandleader/songwriter Michael Sempert’s unique, vulnerable vocal tone is immediately gripping. And he displays agility and feel while straddling the line between confidence and quirk. Panorama, like the name suggests, is a sprawling collection of pop gems that maintains a wide-eyed view of the world while also precisely detailing the minutia of our emotional lives. Ambitious yet infectious, anthemic yet intimate, Birds & Batteries’ music is worthy of your close attention.

So, go buy the album on CD Baby, then enjoy this video for “After a Flood”