Editor’s Pick: Julius C – OK, OK.

These New York pop-rockers are, at their core, four guys with impeccable ears for melody. And though they sporadically employ guest musicians (including strings, horns, and well-placed percussion) over the course of this record’s ten songs, the music always reflects the collective creativity of a tight-knit bunch who are clearly very in tune with one another’s musical moves. These tracks are deceptively layered, stacking piano on top of guitar, background vocal callbacks on top of stick-in-your-head catchy hooks. Aligning this band’s sound with any other is difficult, though there are certainly nods to the 60’s & 70’s throughout. “I Hope You Know” sounds like a few different eras of The Who combined into one steamroller of a song, while “Party & Dance” is a modernized (and wonderfully tongue-in-cheek) disco anthem that, against all odds, completely works. The album closes out on three of this offering’s strongest songs, with the title track riding on pummeling drums and belted-out group vocals. It sums up the vibe of this batch of songs fairly well: it’s a celebratory group effort that never ends up anywhere near where it started.
Get the album on CD Baby right here and then enjoy this video for the first song from the album, Don’t Want Anybody, which stars gorilla suits. It’s a very cool song as you’ll see: