Editor’s Pick: Classics – 1 in 4

I hate it when a singer/songwriter is bland: nothing special, nothing terrible. Thankfully, Classics new EP isn’t just another singer songwriter. Don’t be fooled by the initial sound of acoustic guitar and voice; there’s a whole lot more going on here. Each of the 3 songs is like a journey; they start at one point and as they go along, we’re greeted by different sounds and attractions: here’s a male harmony, there’s an intricate, danceable drum machine beat, here’s a gliding bass line, there’s an occasional nuanced keyboard part. Despite the great eclectism of sounds and textures in their songs, it’s Elsa Gernandt’s strong, sometimes breathy voice (think Imogen Heap) that really sells them. As a whole, it becomes clear that these aren’t just songs, they’re compositions with a lot of thought and care going into each one. And it’s a real pleasure to listen to.
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