Editor’s Pick: Anna Gilbert – Christmas

This album is pure loveliness, both in production and musicality. From the ukulele-led rendition of “I’ll be Home for Christmas” to the acoustic guitar/electric-piano version of O Come All Ye Faithful, with it’s new chords. In fact, that’s one of the best parts of this album – the new & unique arrangements and chordal/melodic changes Gilbert brings to most of the songs. While the eight classic songs are all memorable takes on the traditional versions, the three originals here are nothing to sneeze at. She’s clearly a gifted songwriter, with a strong sense of melody, with subtle male harmony on “Rest in the Light”, with lyrics that tell the story of Christ’s life beyond just his birthday. With engaging strings and delicate banjo and piano accompaniment, this is a really remarkable song. The Norah Jones-y take on “Silent Night” is also very cool, though it seems silly to just single out a few of the many wonderful songs here. Be sure to get it on CD Baby right here.
Then enjoy this video for Gilbert’s song “Stand On Me”, which you can get on her album Your Love My Medicine:

  • Jgreenlee

    This is one of my favorite songs Anna!!! Keep up the great work and praising the Lord! Your a blessing.