Star Wars meets Queen in “Midichlorian Rhapsody”

You can get that song and a bunch of other classic rock parody songs from Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff right here on CD Baby.

  • gary

    how does one re-edit starwars clips and put on youtube without it being pulled or even being sued by lucasfilms??
    good job by the way.

  • gary

    reason why I ask is because we recorded our own rockabilly version of “Kiss” written by prince. We shot a video for it and because we dont have a sync license it was pulled by the publisher.
    Here it is for those interested.
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  • admin

    I think the problem is that Prince won’t allow his music on YouTube, and so his publishers automatically disallow anything of his from being on there. It’s a shame though, Gary, that’s a great cover you did. – Peter

  • Thanks Peter.
    Yeah, its on the “restricted” list according to his publisher. Well the internet will soon be dead anyway. …or he said something weird like that.


  • @gary – I’m the artist who made the video. I got permission in advance from LucasFilm to use the footage.

  • @Jeff
    Good job on the music / video and getting it done legally.