Iggy Pop freak out!

He works hard for your money

Someone out there is smiling on CD Baby right now. “Why do you say that,” you’re probably asking. Well, I’ll tell you. CD Baby recently became the proud seller of not one but two albums from the eternally shirtless punk icon Iggy Pop – We Are Not Talking About Commercial S#*t! and Wake Up Suckers!!!.

If you’re not familiar with Iggy Pop, then I say “Get a history book, learn about the roots of ‘punk’ music, and respect your elders.” If you are familiar with “He whom Gollum’s Body was Modeled After,” then I’m sure you share my excitement.

Don’t be lazy, don’t be crazy. Check out Iggy’s albums on CD Baby right here.

Now, here’s a live video of one of his most famous songs, “Lust for Life”. You’re welcome.