Jeff Berlin passed on gig with Van Halen

Legendary bassist Jeff Berlin is featured in a new article and interview posted at Bass Musician Magazine, in which he reveals he was almost made a member of Van Halen…

“Eddie Van Halen was a fan of the band that I played in with Bill Bruford,” Berlin recalls. “We met and started to hang out and jam together. He was a sweet terrific guy. One day he saw me play a gig with my group and then asked me if I would like to join Van Halen. After this, we rehearsed at David Lee Roth’s house a couple of times…”

Check out the whole article (and it’s a good one) right here at Bass Musician Magazine.

Berlin’s new CD High Standards also features Danny Gottlieb, Othello Molineaux, Randy Brecker and Richard Drexler. Check it out on CD Baby right here.