Get to know Quiet Company

For fans of catchy modern pop rock, in the vein of Death Cab for Cutie, The Shins, and Spoon.

After the release of their critically acclaimed first record, “Shine Honesty,” Austin’s Quiet Company took to the road for over 200 shows all across the U.S. The video for “Fashionabel,” by Emmy nominated director Cameron McCasland, won several film festival awards and was added to rotation by MTV.CA.

In 2009, they released Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon, and now on their 3rd release, Quiet Company continue to deliver their charming, yet witty signature tunes with their new EP “Songs For Staying In,” a 27-minute celebration of love and…sex. Originally conceptualized with songs that were crafted for lead singer Muse’s wife, the band added some b-sides from their previous album to complete their delicate look at love, relationships and intimacy. “Songs For Staying In” promises to take your ears out for dinner, impress them with sounds, keep them dancing, go home with and even stick around to cook breakfast for them in the morning.

You can get a free MP3 of How Do You Do It from their new EP by clicking right here.

Be sure to check out their new EP Songs for Staying In on CD Baby right here.