Emmy-Nominated Gangstagrass Now Top-Selling Artist on CD Baby

I came across this press release at this website, and thought you might like to know…

Brooklyn, NY- Thanks in great part to an Emmy nomination for the widely popular theme to the hit FX series Justified, Gangstagrass now has one of the top selling cds on CD Baby. And it gets better…their debut album, Lighting On The Strings, Thunder On The Mic took the number one spot on the Bluegrass Chart.

Gangstagrass founder Rench teamed up with rapper T.O.N.E-z and several bluegrass musicians to make the album. Released in late May, this soulful fusion of bluegrass and hip hop has found itself in the tricky world of otherwise polar opposite musical genres. But unlike many failed attempts at offbeat fusions, Gangstagrass has shattered the barrier, creating a sound that is seamless and infectious. The Wall Street Journal called Gangstagrass’ music a “mixture of bluegrass and hip-hop that might repel some purists on either side of the country-and-rap divide, but will knock the socks off just about everybody else.”

Gangstagrass has created something that many believe will transcend the Emmys, the chart topping placements, the press, and the “bandwagon” syndrome. Keep your eyes and ears open, folks. This ain’t no one-hit wonder!