Editor’s Pick – Seven Kingdoms: Seven Kingdoms

After the eerie, symphonic “Prelude” spills directly into the crushingly rapid riff that begins “Somewhere Far Away,” you’ll feel this music tightening its grip on you, and it’ll be an hour before you’re let go. With a sound that strategically blends the tight, pummeling speed of Blind Guardian and the heavily melodic vocal approach of Nightwish, this Florida band has their chops in order and the songwriting skills to match. I could ramble on about how lead singer Sabrina Valentine adds a feminine touch to this normally male-dominated genre, but it’s not about that. She’s got a voice that – especially when paired up with bassist Miles Neff’s growls – simply does a great job of taking the music to the next level and propelling it along. And that’s what you need from a powerful group like this. And like any metal band who knows how to do it right, they take notes from the old stuff, work in the new stuff, and arrive at a sound that’s not going to come off as dated any time soon. Give it a shot. This group clearly spent a lot of time crafting these songs, and they deserve to be heard. And come on: that cover art is awesome.
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Here’s a video for you, for “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes”: