Built to Spill cover themselves as an 80’s electronic band

Everybody loves Built to Spill, right? I mean, I think we can all agree that their earnest, indie, jam-friendly rock has earned a place in most of our hearts. Twentyfourbit has a nice little post about The Electronic Anthology Project, a collaboration of Doug Martsch and Brett Nelson, or as their album notes say “In the vein of the 80’s remix. Built To Spill re-recorded electronic by dug martsch & brett neLson.” The Electronic Anthology Project features somewhat ironic 80’s revisionist versions of 7 classic BTS songs, featuring just synthesizers and drum machine courtesy Brett Nelson, paired with Martsch’s unmistakable vocals. You can stream 3 of the songs on their myspace, or check out samples from the whole CD on CD Baby right here.

You might notice the song names are a little weird, like “I Dim Our Angst In Agony” and “At The Where”. That’s because all these song titles are anagrams of the original Built to Spill versions of the songs; so “I Would Hurt A Fly” becomes “What If Your Dull” and so on. Did you know that “CD Baby Music Discovery Blog” becomes “A Scrubbed Bloody Civics Gym”. You can make your own anagrams right here.

And now, enjoy this live footage (but decent sounding mix) of Built to Spill playing “I Would Hurt a Fly”:

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