Win an autographed copy of Billy Burke’s new CD – “Removed”

Nine randomly selected commenters will win an autographed copy of Billy Burke’s new CD “Removed”. Just tell us why you love Billy and maybe you’ll win!

If you didn’t already know, he plays Bella’s dad in the Twilight movies, and he makes great music too, in the vein of Bruce Springsteen with a bit of Tom Waits. It’s good swampy pop/rock.

If you’re not selected as a winner, you can always buy the CD or download on CD Baby:

We’ll be running this giveaway until Wednesday July 7, so tell everyone you know!

Update: The contest is over & we’ll be picking and notifying the winners shortly! Thanks to everyone who participated 🙂

  • billy burke is multi talented and rocks!

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  • Christina Brown

    Billy is a talented actor and wonderful singer. I’ve heard “Seeing Angels” and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

  • One of those artists that forces me to sit down with headphones and intently listen to his work, no distractions.

  • Margaret

    I love him in the Twilight movies, and his voice is wonderful. 🙂

  • Finally some music that those of us raised on classic rock can appreciate! Love the way that Billy honestly lays it all on the line whether it’s acting, music, or just tweeting.

  • Kasey V.

    Billy has brought so much to the character of Charlie Swan in Twilight. It is amazing what he has done. Hell he always steals the scene from thee other characters. He seems like an awesome guy. Would love to have some of his music.

  • Jean Loper

    I’ve been listening to Removed on youtube. I love it!!! It is soul filled and unique. I love unique; it offers something that main stream musicians don’t or can’t offer!!!!!!!!

  • Devan

    I love Billy because he seems to be a genuinely nice guy and he loves his fans.

  • Amanda Large

    I would love to win this! Billy Burke is not only an amazing actor but his music is wonderful. I listens to “Removed” over and over. I would love to own a cd with it on it. Billy Burke not only brings character for Charlie but he makes him funny, which is good to have in such a serious love story like The Twilight Saga.

  • I love Billy as he made a fictional character really come to life. He seems so down to earth and cool in person. I already love the single, and of course there’s that infamous line “Famous Ladies Man…”

  • Kirsi

    He is absoluteley charming actor and his singing voice is something wich is nice to listen to.

  • The dry humor he gives Charlie in Twilight is amazing as is his singing voice and lyrics.

  • Shannon B

    Billy Burks has a great voice & I love his sense of humor in the Twilight movies.

  • susan

    He has a great voice!

  • Billy Burke’s interpitation of Charlie is spot on… His Charlie follows the books quite closely. He made me cry during the graduations scene. Love him!!

  • Charity

    Billy adds such a great funny, tongue-in-cheek satire to his scenes. Although he is a great actor/singer he is down to earth. There’s a lot of dry humor to him, which I appreciate as well. A quiet scene stealer in all his films! I’d really dig a chance to win an autographed CD.


  • Mandy

    Billy is not only an amazing actor, but he is also a great musician. He pours his heart into everything he does.

  • Rachel P.

    Billy is great, love when he gets to play someone sarcastic in films. Cant wait to hear the album. 🙂

  • Ashley Teague

    Whats not to love about Billy Burke? He is AMAZING in all of the Twilight films. I have read all of the books before the movies and I dont think they could have casted a better Charlie! In fact, he is better than what I pictured from reading the books! I love the stash and I am glad he decided to grow one out for the role because he looks completely diffferent without one, in a good way though! He seems like such a down to earth kind of guy! I loved him in Ladder 49 and Untraceable! Not only is he a talented actor but he is also a wonderful muscian! I love his style of music, my favorite song off the album is Removed!! Its great and I want to hear more! I think it is great that he went after his other passion and I think I can speak for everyone when I say we are all excited about his CD! There is just something about Billy!

  • Traci

    Billy Burke is an awesome artist! I can’t wait to hear the whole cd!

  • Grace

    I just love Billy! His scenes in the Twilight Saga are often the funniest and most touching. I’m so excited that he’s continuing a music career in addition to acting!

  • Kyrstin Kohnke

    I enjoy his acting very much and he seems to have fun while he works. He has an amazing voice, which I would not expect from a man like him. But then I guess, you should never judge a book by it’s cover.

  • anne

    I love Billy in the Twilight movies–he does such an awesome job in the role of Charlie. That is how I discovered his music, and it really speaks to me! I love what I’ve heard so far.

  • Rochi

    Billy is not only a great actor, is also a great singer. I listen to Removed and I loved it instantly (I have it as my ringtone, hope you don´t mind)
    I fell in love with him in Gilmore Girls and Cath Hardwick couldn´t find a better Chief Charlie Swan!!

  • Edith

    Billy Burke is a wonderful singer, an amazing actor and he has one hellova mustasche in Twilight.

  • johanna

    Love Billy for his versatility as an artist! He’s also humble, real, and understatedly hilarious (in his portrayal of Charlie Swan. Plus, I LOVE, LOVE “ballad of an overnight success”!!!!

  • Abbie

    Billy Burke is an ultra talented actor and musician! He’s also really cool to be as connected with his fans as he is… ya Billy! Love the sound of his album-would love to win a copy!

  • GlassGirl1972

    Well, if it is random then all of the ass-kissing I could do won’t matter. So I’ll just be honest. I am really enjoying my Billy Burke discovery. He was just Bella’s father for a while but it has been really cool to follow him on Twitter and to be turned on to his music. I even love his e-mails. He writes like he talks… and I really enjoy the way he delivers his lines in his movies. I guess that is why I was instantly a fan of his music as well! I would be very happy to own a copy of the cd (a signed copy would be the ultimate!)

  • Gina

    I think Billy Burke is awesome because he doesn’t just write the same old kind of songs you would hear on the radio. Definitely something refreshing and different!

  • GlassGirl1972

    When I heard about his cd I thought.. ‘cool, an actor that also sings’..
    Then I downloaded Removed and thought.. ‘cool, a musician who can also act’

  • Christina

    Awsome Musician and awsome actor!

  • Rachel

    Billy is awesome!!! He is a super talented musician and actor, and genuinely a nice guy!! Not to mention he is pretty gorgeous!! 🙂

  • sara elder

    “Super. That makes me really happy.”-Billy Burke as Charlie 🙂

  • sara elder

    “Super. That makes me really happy.”- Billy Burke as Charlie

  • Tori Jarrett

    Billy Burke is an amazing actor and musician!!:)

  • Billy is just getting better with age like fine wine!! Just keeps getting better!!

  • Carrie

    I love Billy for his acting. I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to much of his music but would love the opportunity too! I love his character, Charlie, in Twilight. He adds the realistic, down-to-earth perspective to the story as well as humor. His relationship with Bella is priceless.

  • Nikki P.

    Billy creates music that you feel in your gut. Everything today sounds so commercial and so industry driven. His music is passion driven and leaves his soul bare. Haven’t heard anything like that in a long time. Billy Burke actually makes me want to buy music again!

  • Hannah Smith

    I love him because he is very talented singing and acting….and he can rock a fake mustache.

  • Meg

    He cracks me up in the movies, and I love his voice!

  • Kelley

    Billy is great! He has brought Charlie to life. What a talented guy

  • Kayleen

    Billy exudes a sophisticated sexiness. He has a wonderful voice.

  • Kristi

    Thanks for the chance to win REMOVED! The single is great 🙂

    P.S. I *LOVED* your performance in Eclipse, Billy. Your expressions, reactions, hilarious!

  • I love how versatile of an artist Billy is–and how expertly he applies his craft. He truly cares about the finished product and you can tell through his performances that he puts in the necessary work with charm and professionalism.

  • andi

    i love BILLY!!!!!!he is the greatest actor ive seen in a long time. his voice is out of this world.

  • Carolyn

    It’s simple, Billy Burke is IT. The jack of all trades. He brings something to the character of Charlie that no one else could. He is amazingly talented and writes lyrics that make you really think about what he’s saying. You can apply much of them to some time in your life. good or bad, it makes you think.

  • Elysia

    Love his MOUSTACHE in the movies! 😀 One of the best actors in the Twilight series!

  • andi

    he is so amazing

  • Francine Villa

    Billy Burke has a great voice,he’s a good actor and he seems really down to earth

  • SavyTwilighter

    Billy Burke is Charlie Swam. he is exactly how i pictured that character in my head. what’s not to love about him?! every scene he’s in he steals it. best cop stache i’ve ever seen^-^ Billy is so laid back n cool no matter what. i had the great pleasure of talking to him at the Eclipse premiere after party and he seriously is one of the coolest people i’ve ever met! he was so sweet and talked to me for awhile (well i gushed he laughed) and even introduced me to his wife. i told her that Billy was the coolest person ever and she laughed and said she thought so too. hope he lines up some shows for this album cuz i would definitely love to go to one<3

  • Jennifer M.

    He is very talented and the best actor in the twilight franchise. The movies are filled with talent but Billy nails every scene he is in! I had the chance to meet him at an S.F. convention in 2009 and he was awsome. He was cool, kind, and made my friends day when he gave her a hug:)

  • Ashley Teague

    I am surprised more people aren’t jumping at this opportunity to win his CD! I am a HUGE fan of Billy Burke!! I am most familiar with his work on Twilight as Charlie but I am familiar with some of his other work as well! He is an amazing actor. I loved him in Untraceable and Ladder 49! But my favorite role he has played would have to be Charlie in The Twilight Saga! I read all of the books before ever watching the films and I honestly could not have pictured a better person to play his role! He did such an amazing job and got a few laughs out of me in the films!! He is so convincing in this role and I just love him! I liked Charlie from the books but Billy just made me love him even more! He really brought this character to life and I am thankful to him for that! I love his stash and I am so happy he decided to grow one for the film because it just wouldn’t be Charlie without it!! Not only is he an amazing actor but he is also a terrific musician as well! I love his style of music and his voice! I heard “removed” and thought it was great! Definitely the kind of music I like to listen to! It is amazing cd from what I can already tell and I love how he embraced his other passion instead of just sticking with one thing! He seems like such a down to earth kind of guy and I loved his toothpick trick from Lopez tonight this past week, pretty impressive Billy! He is so talented and I look forward to hearing more from him!

  • VJ Soucie

    Loved the song “Removed” and its video. Great in Twilight Saga.

  • Ashley Teague

    Sorry, I posted two seperate comments!! I didnt realize they had to be approved and figured it just didnt take my comment for whatever reason so I wrote another comment! Thats why they are different!

  • Just love Billy in Twilight, kinda reminds me of my dad. Loved the song!

  • I have listened to all the song samples on CD Baby of Billy Burke’s new CD ‘Removed’ and I have to say that I was very impressed! 🙂 Would be elated to win an autographed copy *fingers crossed* Billy Burke rocks..and so does CD Baby! 🙂

  • Tierra

    Bill Burke is an awesome actor- I would love the opportunity to sample his talent of music, as well!

  • Magda

    Why do I love Billy?
    Because he´s an awesome actor(fantastic as Charlie Swan)and singer(his music is great).

  • Debbie Brown

    What a great deal! I would love to have a signed copy of Billy’s CD. He was not able to make it last year to the Twilight Convention in Phoenix so this would sure make up for it!He is a great actor and singer.

  • Cecilia Assarsson

    When I first heard ‘Removed’ I actually cried. The lyrics and music were beautiful and sincere. Songs like this are so rare. I would love to hear the rest of the album. Billy Burke is such a talented musician and actor!

  • Maria Reilly

    Billy is so down to earth, easygoing. I love his acting and singing, enjoy watching him play Charlie in the Twilight movies. I’d love his CD to add to my collection.

  • Ashley Bliskowski

    Billy just seems so genuine and real. I really enjoy his acting and his music. Very talented guy.

  • Ashley Bliskowski

    Billy is extremely talented and entertaining to watch, seems very genuine and real.

  • Bertha Hurdman

    Really liked listening to the song samples from Billy Burke’s new CD on Cd Baby. Great album!

  • Shannon

    I think Billy Burke has a great voice & I’m glad that the success of Twilight has enabled him to make this CD.

  • I love him because he has a subtle charm in his voice that is too sexy. He also happens to be very easy on the eyes too. 🙂

  • BethS

    Billy seems to be a truly talented individual. Acting, and an artist? And a great man to boot? Not often do these things correlate with eachother 😀 Of course we know Billy as Bellas dad from Twilight, but he is so much more!

  • Lisa Borel

    He seems so unpretentious and I from what I’ve heard of his music, it’s quite down to earth as well. I hope he does well with his music career – I love him as an actor!

  • Shannon

    I love Billy Burke’s voice & I’m glad that the success of Twilight has given him the opportunity to release this CD!

  • Everything about Billy is just AWESOME! 🙂

  • Beth C.

    I adore Billy as both an actor and a musician. I find myself humming or singing “Removed” all the time…it’s a delightful earworm…and I am certain I’ll enjoy the rest of the CD just as much!

  • Jessica

    I love Billy and his music because it really just calms me down when I’m stressed and really just lets me relax. This album is awesome!

  • I’ve been lucky enough to meet him once in a setting where he actually had the opportunity to sit down and talk to a small table of us fans and he’s so funny and down to earth and really made us feel appreciated and loved as fans. As for his music I was blown away when I first heard him singing. Such a great voice and wonderful lyrics. Keep on rocking Billy!!!

  • Becky H.

    Billy Burke is amazing! He brings Charlie Swan to life like no one else could! He is such a comic relief in the movies that can be sad, dreary, and dark at times. He is also one great singer! I wish my dad was like Charlie! Love ya Billy!

  • Deborah Beck

    Dear Billy: I am a huge fan, love you as “Charlie”, & love your music. “Removed” is a wonderful song – I downloaded the free copy from your website, TY. I would love to have your complete “Removed” CD. It would be an honor to win an autographed copy – that would be GREAT! Your music is very soulful & unique; keep up the great work.

  • He’s just awesome! He has one of those rough, folksy voices that is rarely heard. And the songs have great meaning! Awesome!

  • Renee

    I think Billy is the BEST! TEAM BILLY! Can’t wait to hear his music!

  • Tanya Reid

    Billy is another example of the talent that is showcased in the Twilight Saga. He is a great addition to the film, and who knew, a great singer too! Would love to win his CD!

  • Ashley K

    I’m a big fan of Billy, and i like how he always picks such different interesting roles. he is very talented and is a great musician, i can’t wait to hear more of his album. i love how honest he is in interviews, and how funny he is 😀

  • Amber

    So talented and I love his voice. I’ve so been looking forward to this album.

  • amy rhymer

    billy is a great actor, i love him in the twilight series! I only recently found out he was a singer, so i checked him out and i love his music! my hubby allready knew about him and said that we def. need to get his CD! Love Billy!

  • Delphina

    I would love to win such an awesome cd!


    Wow…What’s not to like about Billy Burke? He’s proven himself to be a versatile actor, able to take on any role and make the character come to life. As an actor he has taken on many different roles from drama to mystery to comedy & has made you feel time & time again that he IS the character. No matter how big or small the role you are aware of his presence. From along came a Spider, Ladder 49, Untraceable, to The Twilight Saga Billy has left behind an impression of someone who truly loves what he does, & gives it his all. Not only is he talented as an actor but as a singer as well. When I first heard his single Removed I was touched to the core of my heart. I mean I figured he had to have a good voice to be able to make an entire CD but, when I actually heard his voice, listened to the words, & the music I was truly impressed w/his talent. He has a voice that brings out the emotion of the song. I listened to it over and over & over. I also love his down to earth demeanor, his open friendliness w/his fans, & the way he is so comfortable w/himself. Billy Burke is truly a *STAR* of his own making….

  • Amy Cooper

    I find Billy to be a really cool guy. He has a kind of swagger that makes you want to hear more of what he has to say.

  • Lisa Harrison

    I love Billy Burke! He is so talented and he is so good as Charlie in the Twilight Saga. He is so great to fans and he has a great voice! Love him!

  • erich r

    i really enjoy billy’s music, he’s a very talented singer.

  • Ronda

    Billy’s music has such a soothing while simultaneously uplifting quality. His voice is amazing and his lyrics are great. He appears to be very relatable and has a fantastic sense of humor. Thanks and keep on rockin’! 😉

  • Andrea

    Billy is one of the best actors around. He nailed the character Charlie Swan. He and Kristen Stewart have definite chemistry onscreen as father and daughter….very natural. He is all around a very impressive actor and now I’ve been introduced to his amazing music!

  • Ashley

    i like Billy because in the Twilight movies he plays Charlie Swan and nails it every time-every scene that includes him makes me laugh. Good job, Billy 🙂

  • Bonnie

    I think that Billy brings such a vulnerability to Charlie. He reaches underneath the skin of the character and brings out a generally loveable and flawed human being. In the scene of “Eclipse” where he stands and watches Bella get her diploma, was so emotional that it brought tears to my eyes! Also the line about liking Edward more was just hysterical!! Of course, every scene that Billy is in is memorable!! Thanks for all your hard work, Billy!!!!

  • Allie

    Billy steals every scene he’s in and if he’s in the scene i always know that it will be super funny. he’s looks exactly how i always imagined charlie looking while reading the books too.

  • Meghan Reimer

    Hello! How are you? I would Love to win one of these Cd’s signed by Me Billy Burke for me Mum aka Old Woman 🙂 She does love Charlie Swan therefore Billy so… We are Twilight Fans yes of Course but we are also Music Fans!! And We Love and adore getting and discovering new music and we both find it very AWESOME that Billy has come out with a CD!! 🙂
    Please Please Please pick me 🙂
    I Thank You For Reading!!!

    Peace and Love

  • First of all, he’s AWESOME as Charlie Swan, and even better than the character in the book. (This is rare, mind you.)
    Second of all, his music is also AWESOME, and he’s a really good singer. (Which makes me envious of all the Twilight cast, because apparently all of them are both good actors and good musicians.)

  • Tricia

    I had absolutely no idea who Billy was until the Twilight movie was announced, but I’ve loved him ever since. He is an awesome actor, delivering his more humorous lines just as amazingly as his emotional ones. He is one of the best supporting actors in the films, and to see that he’d been on Gilmore Girls and stuff… so cool! But, as if he weren’t amazing enough, a bit later I learned that he sings, too. And sing WELL… I’m just a huge fan and it would be a great opportunity to have his autograph!

  • Taylor

    I LOVE Billy Burke because hes very different. People need different actors and as a person as well. He’s hilariouse of course, on set and off and how could we forget that hes totally smokin! Love ya Billy<3

  • Angie F

    Loved ? the song Removed…I play it all the time & my kids ask “are you listening to Charlie again?” too cute!! Thank you for everything!! ??

  • Razzbeary

    I like Billy because he doesn’t seem to be impressed by his fame. He seems to be a normal, down-to-earth, regular guy that we regular folks can relate to. It was very nice of him to greet the campers at the Eclipse opening in LA the day before it opened. Thanks, Billy!

  • If I could describe Billy Burke in three words, they would be “Hilarious,” “Charming,” and “Talented.” And you’d have to be a stick in the mud to not like those three traits. And since I’m not a stick in the mud…well, you get the idea. 😉

  • I really enjoy Billy Burke’s work. He’s great. <3

  • Heather

    I just listened to the previews of Billy’s cd, and I was shocked! His voice is haunting and absolutely amazing. Billy Burke has some serious talent. Not only is he a great actor, but singer as well.

  • He’s friggen’ Billy Burke for God’s sake. Look at him. He’s sexy, talented, and sweet. No one could have played Charlie Swan in the Twilight series better than him. And lucky him, he gets stardom, and an almost private life at home, for he is almost unrecognizable without the Charlie mustache. I envy any woman, any person, who has ever had the pleasure to work with him, or just be around him.

  • Tiffany Duffey

    Two words… Billy Burke….enough said! He’s an amazing actor and a briliant song writter. He has the type of humor that without trying he can make you laugh. I bought the cd the day it was released and got it in the mail 3 days later. I love the whole cd! My favorite song has to be ‘bluesy larue’… such a sweet song. Of course ‘Removed’ is great’s one you could listen to over and over. Well done BB, we love you!

  • Anna

    What’s not to like? He’s hot!

  • RockinRobbin

    I have always thought he was a great actor, but had no idea he was such an awesome singer too. He has a terrific voice that has appeal to all ages and all genres of music lovers. I love classic rock and he sounds to me like he could have fit into that generation with no trouble at all, with a lot of blues mixed in as well. Love Removed and can’t wait to get my hands on the cd, but I live in a very rural area and may not get the chance to buy it here, so would love to win a copy. Thanks for considering me.

  • Holly

    Billy’s voice is awesome and I love the lyrics! It’s a CD you would put in and listen to with a bottle of wine at your side. Billy is also perfect as Bella’s dad!

  • Ash L

    I love Billy Burke because he is so accessible to the fans. He keeps us constantly up-to-date and gets the information to us first! Plus, his music is chill, and he is too funny as Bella’s dad!

  • Amazing natural raw talent. Billy Burke is awesome at everything he has done to date & hope to both hear & see more from him. Great vibe & natural feel to his music it seems to come from the soul. He brings his talent to life through his characters on screen & now through music! Hands down hope he continues with this route of music in between movies. Wish him good luck on all future endeavors because he seems to be a great down to earth guy with a lot of heart & passion in all he does =)

  • Kenia

    I would love to win this because I love Billy Burke he’s an amazing actor and musician. I was really excited to hear that he came out with a brand new CD. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy I know the songs will be great. I have only heard Removed and I love it I can’t stop listening to it.

  • Rita Boarman

    I would love to win this. I love all genres of music!

  • Potch

    Billy is just fantastic. I don’t know that anyone else could have fit the role of Charlie quite so perfectly. I’d love to hear his music.

  • admin

    Ok everyone, the contest is over & we’ll be picking and notifying the winners shortly! Thanks to everyone who participated 🙂

  • coolblueeyes

    l love your music, hope to hear some new songs soon