Editor’s Pick: Run With the Kittens (with video!)

This Toronto four-piece has based their career on not only genre-mashing, but genre-smashing. As a result, their sound has remained insistently impossible to pin down, and that’s what everybody loves about ’em. The only thing left to do? Make an album that threatens to remain cohesive and steady, by adopting a sound and sticking with it for the duration. A crazy concept for these schizos, but the results are undeniable. The only thing wrong with this EP is that it doesn’t have enough songs on it. Calling it psych-folk is fairly accurate, though that doesn’t really represent the frantic drum-machined opener “Caledonia,” or the sprawling garage-y rock of the title track, which closes things out. But the three songs in between those two fit into that category nicely enough, and they’re three of the best songs I’ve heard in a while. This EP is priced right, and with intricate songs that demand repeated listenings, you’ll get more than your money’s worth.

You can pick up the album right here on CD Baby.

Finally, here’s a live video for “Myth in the Sky” – the electrified/studio version of which can be found on the EP of the same name.