Editor’s Pick: Megachurch

This Cleveland three-piece rumbles and clatters with such ferocity that you won’t even care that there’s no vocals. In fact, vocals might only serve to get in the way of the propulsive sound of the two basses (yeah, that’s right) that make up the majority of the strikingly melodic racket here. They throw in some spoken-word samples (a la early-90’s Steel Pole Bath Tub) that add a bit of texture – and black comedy – to the tracks they appear on, but it’s a device that is wisely not overused. They don’t need much in the way of filler here, anyway. These dudes are rambunctious, and have no trouble filling the space with these fuzz-busting instrumentals. Get hooked on the blistering mayhem of the first track, “The Second Coming,” and make sure you stick around for the comparatively epic last cut, “Tithing.” These guys might just be your new religion. Check out their album on CD Baby right here.

And here’s a live video of them doing their awesomeness: