Editor’s Pick (with video): Li’l Andy – All Who Thirst Come to the Waters

Recorded over 6 days and nights in the Église St. Jean Baptiste, a 19th century cathedral in Montreal, this album sounds equally blessed filled with the Holy Ghost and haunted by the spirits of the martyrs Andy sings of on “Lives of the Saints”. This recording is quite beautiful and the gothic Americana is perfectly suited to the location. Echoes of Daniel Lanois’ mysterious pedal steel ring all through the album, while Neko Case’s endearing influence is channeled through Andy’s unpretentious, heartfelt singing. Truly gorgeous and deserving of repeated listens, this album is filled with soul, spirit, and heaps of feeling.

You can get the album on CD Baby right here.

Bonus! Here’s a video from Li’l Andy’s past, a cool animated video for “Auburn Fades Away”

  • Diaa Kristy

    Very, very, very nice.

    (If only it really were just turning green!)

    Beautiful song.

    Outstanding video.