Editor’s Pick (with video!) – Jeremy Serwer – Roads

There’s something immediately gripping about Jeremy Serwer’s voice; it’s got just the right amount of gravel to complement his soulful timbre, or the female vocals who accompany him on several tracks. Sometimes jaunty, sometimes with a funky backbeat and electric piano, and sometimes with not much more than an acoustic guitar, Serwer’s diver palette of genres serves him well, and suitably frames his knack for a turn of phrase matched by chord & melodic changes that you just want to hear over and over again. Album highlights include the haunting soul of “Dirty Entity” and the lovely “Bare Witness” which recalls Elliott Smith’s gorgeous melancholy. It’s really compelling, heartfelt music. Check it out today right here.

Here’s a live video of “Dirty Entity,” one of the album standouts:

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