CD Baby’s Jazz Podcast, Episode #3: A Trip to Not the Moon

Portland’s favorite jazz pianist, Ben Darwish, won the 2010 ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Award. On this episode, you’ll hear what all the hype is about.

Track listing:

Ben Darwish- Under the Bright Red Sky (from “I Don’t Want to Live on Moon“)

Ben Darwish- High and Mighty (from “I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon“)

Listen on iTunes here:

  • Michaeleroy

    Please bring back the directly downloadable version of this podcast. I’m a linux user with no Apple or Windows hardware, and iTunes is inaccessible to me. If the CD Baby music podcasts are available exclusively via iTunes, I’ll be shut out.

    BTW, I am a CD Baby customer.


  • Jason Catena

    I’d like to second the request for a directly-downloadable version. I use Ubuntu Linux, and none of the links produced the actual podcast for me.

  • admin

    No prob guys, the MP3 version is now downloadable on this post. Enjoy!