Folk Podcast 22 – Catch 22

In this episode, Peter plays a Neil Young-meets-Alice in Chains band, a top selling singer/songwriter, a couple bands from Minnesota, and a cozy Tennessean.

Brown Recluse – Alright to Fly –
Chris Pureka – Wrecking Ball –
Rogue Valley – English Ivy –
Poor Benny – Going Across the Sea –
Mare Wakefield – Dreams Come True –

  • Daniel

    Awesome choice, I really dig the brown recluse album. Great plays this week, as always!

  • Beth

    Nice! We LOVE Mare Wakefield!!

  • Wow, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mare Wakefield’s song. Please play more of her! BTW, I am also a CD Baby folk artist, please check me out:,,,

    Have a wonderful summer!

    Alicia Bay Laurel

  • Peter

    Just found your podcast because of the appearance of Mare Wakefield! Please give her more place in your podcasts. I will come back often!

  • Frank

    Wow! Rogue Valley and Mare Wakefield. great combination. Mary has such a rich mellow voice and combined with her unique songs, it is a must for listening.