Congratulations to CD Baby artist Lee DeWyze, the new American Idol!

Huge congratulations are due to CD Baby artist Lee DeWyze, who become the final winner of American Idol last night. It’s been a long journey for him and we couldn’t be prouder of his amazing accomplishment. Lee has 3 releases on CD Baby right now – the 2007 album “So I’m Told” –, this year’s album, “Slumberland” –, and his latest single, “Princess (Reprise)” – You can find more many more albums from show contestants on our American Idols playlist right here – It isn’t often that an independent artist makes the top headline of the day, so again – well done, Mr. DeWyze – we knew you could do it!

  • Congrats to you Mr. DeWyze!!!! A well desrved victory for you, and all indie artists..not to mention our friends here at CdBaby.
    Best of luck for your future projects.