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  • Duffy Laudick

    It’s a great place to find new bands and artist.

  • Label? Who needs a label??

  • What do I love about CD Baby? The fun, the free donuts, the backrubs.

    • admin

      Congratulations, Steve! Your comment was randomly selected as the winner. We’ll be emailing you soon 🙂

  • Barb Locke

    The variety of music and the creativity of the indie artists are what I love the most.

  • I like that I discovered The Silvermen on CDBaby and they played at my wedding a few months later.

  • Alen Harris

    People have downloaded our songs on at least 5 continents!!!

  • Carol Burnett

    I love pretty much everything about CD Baby. Most of all, CD Baby carries the music of some of my favorite artists!

  • Jane Chika

    I love the $5 section! I’ve found some great music there, and the price makes it easier to buy a bunch!

  • Rene Geilenkirchen

    CD-Baby: where independent music comes to life!

  • Rikki P

    Found some new music I never heard of on the radio. Namaste.

    And where are the free backrubs? (shall we start some rumours? lol)

  • Lizzie

    Endless entertainment. Good music. Solid roots.

  • I Love the fact that I can purchase local artists music… Artists that are sometimes better then the famous artists, they just haven’t been noticed !!

  • Mary Ann

    It has artists for the obscure music that I like.
    There are also artists not in the mainstream of popular music.

  • I love CDBABY!!! You have helped me get my music out there to those who don’t get to hear me play locally!

  • Vivian

    Free is also nice.

  • Steve Smith

    Great site to find great music, and it doesn’t support the major labels that rip off the musicians.

  • I like that my band (Morphine Killer) has been able to put our stuff online, but my particular favorite is the new singles option, because sometimes us artists can’t wait to put a whole CD out!!

  • Alicia

    My favorite part of CDBaby is the excellent categorization. It has all angles covered from sub-genres, to states, to eras, to moods.

  • Pam Biggs

    CDBaby has a wonderful and unique selection of artists found nowhere else.

  • As an artist selling music here at CDBaby, I think it is awesome to find out that someone I’ve never met before in another part of the country, or even another country, just bought my music to enjoy! I would not have this pleasure just selling CDs at shows where pretty much everyone is from the place where you are.

  • James

    I love how CD Baby really focuses on the independent artist which helps you discover news artists that you wouldn’t have. Plus the send off that they give each cd you order, I don’t see anyone else doing that! 🙂

  • Mike Hansen Dinwiddie

    I love how easy it is to use as an artist to sell music as well as to find new artists to listen too. LOVE YOU CDBABY!

  • I like that I’ve been able to find great indie music. And, CD Baby’s introduced me to other artists I wouldn’t have thought to check out. So my CD collection has grown!

  • Jessie

    The great music suggestions. But above all, I love their email updates and how funny they are. Way to go writers! 🙂

  • Mirjam

    I love CDBaby coz you treat us like family and not like customers and I love CDBaby coz you give the indie artist a platform where they can be heard and reach the audience they deserve.

  • Why CDBaby Rawks: in two long sentences: CDBaby has quite literally, single-handedly, created an avenue, mechanism, and solution for independent artists that makes the whole process of self-distribution—quite often hell on wheels for indie musicians—a positive, empowering, and straight forward experience. Everything from the tone/voice of your instructions and how-to text on your website, to the incredibly helpful and user-friendly process you’ve developed (while somehow simultaneously remaining relevant and utterly up to date in terms of web technologies), makes an independent songwriter/performer like myself feel as though I can truly ‘achieve anything.’

  • Came across some great artists searching for artists I already liked (Tom Waits, Mississippi John Hurt, etc). Contacted one of them, (Pops Walker), and he asked me about doing a house concert if we liked him enough. We did some research and put on our first house concert in ’05. We’ve now put on a bunch of house concerts, and quite a few are from CD Baby: Pops Walker, Clyde Walker, Michael Troy, Will Kimbrough, Tommy Womack, Peter Cooper, Fayssoux McLean, Amber Rubarth, Roy Schneider, Mike and Ruthy and Malcolm Holcombe. Thanks to CD Baby getting the ball rolling, we’ve now had these great artists play at our very own house. How cool is that?

  • Brian Moore

    Access great music not carried by major labels

  • Tutman

    The new Digital Singles thing is a blast! Just builds on all the good things CD Baby is doing, changing the businesss one song at a time.

  • You have a great team, dedicated to giving both the listener the music they want and the artist the support they need. CD Baby has always been the best.

  • Kevin Jackson

    I love the wide variety of music that CDBaby offers!

  • Cute Portland boys who promote music, duh.

  • 1. Pricing is very good.
    2. Service is excellent.
    3. The catalog is great and includes on of my favorites Emilie Mover.


  • A great resource for independent artist to distribute their music through. I’m definitely going to submit my material to this site once I complete my project…WORD!


    i been with your company now3 years its the greatest company ever better than any record company keep up the great work long live cd baby

  • The fact that you’re giving away all these CDs already makes you the awesomiest of everything awesome, but do you stop there? Of course you do not. Sometimes you give me an extra CD with my order, just as an added surprise. Sometimes you send me new music suggestions, letting me know about releases that closely match my personal tastes. Sometimes I think CD Baby is part of my family and that we all live on a giant farm where beautiful music shoots down from the sky and the fenceposts are made of licorice and everyone is riveting and spectacular.

  • Labels…??? We don’t need no STINKING labels!!! Steppin out with my CD BAby 🙂

  • Loved you guys initially for the tone of your confirmation emails, and everything since then lived up to the smile that gave me.

  • A great resource for independent artist to distribute their music through. I’m definitely going to submit my material to this site once I complete my project…WORD!