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CD Baby is excited to announce the launch of our new singles program. For a one-time setup fee of $9, you can upload and sell a single song on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon MP3 and all of our other digital retail partners. For a limited time, we’ll even throw in a barcode at no extra charge. Just select the “Single” option when you start the submission process, and you’ll be on your way! Now go write some hit singles and start selling them today!

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Comment on this post for your chance to win a FREE Single signup. A randomly selected commenter from each hour (until 5pm PST on May 10) will win. Winners will be notified by email, so be sure to leave a valid email address when you leave your comment. Be sure to be our fan on Facebook at, follow us on Twitter @cdbaby, and catch up with our latest videos at We’ll be randomly selecting 1 winner every hour, so be sure to tell all your musician friends. To enter, just answer this question: What’s your favorite moment as an indie musician?”

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  • I love performing, especially performing for people who have never seen me perform before. It is awesome to watch them get into the performance and become a fan right before my eyes.

  • My favorite moment as an indie musician is when you get that first time reaction where you know you just converted someone to a true fan of your music!

  • the best part of being and indie musician is making the type of music i want and releasing it when i want.

  • My favorite moment(s) is getting my mail and seeing the cd baby check there be it 1000 dollars or 10 dollars it just puts a smile on my face knowing that my work that i love to do someone else appreciates it. I also love reading the comments and getting the feedback from it be it good or bad!

  • How do you pick a best moment out of 20 years as a professional musician? I think, seeing a search of iTunes coming up with the titles of songs I had written, alongside major names, was certainly one of the biggest buzzes. When I started in bands many years ago, it was nigh impossible to release an album without either a very healthy bank balance, or a label’s support. Now, we all do it and can do it and DO do it with CDBaby!

  • My favorite part of being a Indie Musician is making people dance and feel good inside as I sing lead from my drumset some days I can’t see them but I no I have moved them .

  • Every time I remember that I can do whatever I want.

  • My favorite moment was when a song (Finding Sunshine) I recorded as a high school senior focal project with some friends, was picked up by a huge hip hop label in Japan (goontrax)and placed on a compilation (In Ya Mello Tone 2)…I recently found out the album sold over a million copies. When I found out, I hugged two trees and saved a white tailed deer from a slack-jawed yokel hunter. Not really, I just said “Well, that’s cool.” and proceeded to make fun of myspace emails from rappers who grease their chests and talk about their jeans.

  • Gail j Gaudet-Desjardins

    Too cool! Always keeping us excited about promoting new stuff!

  • Generally I love when my voice is perfectly warmed up and my guitar’s dead-on in tune. I love playing to a room full of people, but I equally enjoy playing to one or two people, especially if we create a connection. Specifically, my favorite moment of independent musicianship so far was when I heard the UPS truck pull up in front of my house, with 8 cases of my brand new CD to deliver. 😀

  • My next release is going to be on CDBaby. Just a really cool company with great resources for musicians!

  • Mike

    The first time someone stopped what they were doing and listened to one of my songs until the end.

  • Scrounging up crazy apparatuses and turning them into some the most extravagant/intricate and awesome entertaining music accompaniments!!!! Plus seeing my friend, fans and families faces when we are all rocking out as a team of consumers and creators alike!! I would surly fade away without them and AN ORGANIZATION LIKE YOURSELF…

  • I <3 CD Baby!!!!!! Miss Fit has been doing OK there!


  • Steve Hale

    The time when I jumped into the giant vat of butterscotch pudding while I was doing a windmill power cord… sweet…

  • best moment so far, when my first lp, Hands/Birds came out on vinyl and I sold the first copy at a small intimate show in a indy record store..

  • Steve Hale

    I meant “chord”… Really, I’m not a mouth breather….

  • GarronT

    Knowing that what I do makes someone somewhere happy! Oh yeah, and the random “old” couple dancing…gets me every time. Thanks CD Baby!!

  • I can make CDs and write songs on my own time, no corporate timetable for me thanks.

  • I am totally loving this idea. I already jumped on it!
    My new single “WASTE OF TIME” is already up at
    Thanks for this new option. Its a great idea!

  • Bein selected for a track on the Real World New Orleans was certainly a high point finacially and for great bragging rights

  • My favorite moments as an indie musician are having my my name mispronounced and misspelled, getting little to no mention in any local publication and having countless people tell you they will “definitely” make your gig, then you end up playing to a grouchy bartender and a waitress who is preoccupied with counting what few tips she made.

  • The single idea is fantastic. I have so many songs that I’ve always wanted to release, but they didn’t seem to “fit” with the music on my full length CD releases. Now I can start releasing them on their own.

  • This is a great idea. My band Soul Senate is thinking about releasing a single in the next 1-2 months, so this could be perfect! CD Baby has always been a quality company, so….how about some love, CD Baby?? We’ll love you back…maybe even love you longtime!

  • This is a really good opportunity for me to make my own single =)
    thanks CD baby for making this giveaway!

  • One of my favourite moments was the first time one of my songs was played on National radio…

  • Being that I perform for young kids, I just love when they want to come up after a show and give me a hug, just because…. and then the moms take out the cameras so kids have a photo with WaCkY WENDEE

  • Receiving a royalty check from SESAC for the use of our song Intro from our first CD in 1996. A radio/TV station in Lyon France used the instrumental as their opener for their daily news for 4 years. Nice to see the income every 6 months and we gained a lot of fans in Southern France because of it. Can’t get much better than that when you’re a new band.

  • Wow! Fantastic opportunity, and our band Sentinel has a single waiting in the works. We were blown away when LIVE105 FM played us on Radio. That put us into a head spin of grand proportions. We felt like we made a grand leap into the world. Hasn’t happened again since December ’09.

  • I play Native American style flutes, but I am not Native.
    The best moment… When I finished playing a piece at a gathering and there was this old man standing there, full Native regalia. He smiled, nodded and with a tear in his eye, walked away.

  • I tried the new single signup and I´m amazed how good it worked and how quick my song was on iTunes and Amazon. Good work CD Baby!

  • The best moment was when I got the first pressing of my first EP back from the CD Baby disc replication service. Which was maybe two weeks ago.

  • Current great moment is competing in the Lilith Fair – Local Talent Search (Detroit). Right now my song is ranking in the top 15, although winning the number one spot is a long shot, it would be great to be able to finish in the top ranks and for the exposure.

  • We’re hitting the studio next month to record new material,so this would be a GREAT chance for us to release a new single. Thanks so much, CD Baby. You’re always giving back and supporting indie artists/bands !



  • My favorite moment is just being able to create my own music, on my own terms. And the fact that I can now release singles on the cheap just RULES.

  • I think this is an amazing service. I felt under pressure to produce a whole “album” and in between my fans would have nothing. Now I have a cost-effective way to keep the material flowing through the digital distribution channels.

  • My favorite moment as an indie musician was probably my first album sale – and that was right through cdbaby! Of course seeing the album show up on i-tunes is pretty exciting too! Rock on cdbaby!

  • I love the feeling of making it, without the help of a major lable!

  • Once I was setting up for a gig at one of those venues where you never quite feel at home–weird atmosphere, bad vibe from the regulars, etc. I was going through the motions of warming up as one of the other bands loaded in. One of the guys in that band came up to me and asked, “Are you Cameron Mizell? Are you THIS Cameron Mizell?” as he pulled up my album on his iPod. That totally changed my attitude, and we played our butts off.

  • Favorite moment as an independent artist (as opposed to being a professional side player): Being free to play whatever I want, with whomever I want, and having control over the whole project.

  • Favorite moment as an indie musician? Hearing a finished track after it’s been recorded on crappy, amateur equipment.

    I love the democratization of music.

  • Phillip Nguyen

    the best is playing in front of people that likes ur song.

  • I love the fact that all I need is a guitar and my voice and i’m set. Parties, birthdays, drinking sessions. Makes me feel like a celebrity among my mates just for having that raw experience of belting out some good tunes around good friends.

  • That’s so rad! Good job, CDBaby! Always keepin’ it affordable for the starving artists!

  • Favorite moment as an indie musician: At a coffee shop gig last week, when two 12-year old kids asked for my autograph.

  • My favourite moment as an indie musician is knowing that I have total control of all aspects of my music.

  • micah

    favorite moment?
    first time i sold a copy of my first CD to someone on the other side of the world.. (japan i think) knowing that i was able to connect to someone with my music not just in my own city but way beyond.. really blew me away made me realize the possibilities are huge being an indie musician and not limited at all!!

  • The best thing is hearing how much someone likes the music I’m making – that someone ‘gets’ what I’m trying to communicate. That’s my favorite moment, every time.

  • One of my favorite moments was playing in a mental health facility. At the beginning of the show it was painfully obvious who was the “doctor” and who were the “clients”. At the end of the show, I looked around and saw a bunch of people with big smiles on their faces enjoying the music. Music truly melts the barriers away.

  • My favorite moment was when I realized that me, my partner and my company could sell our music independently through distribution companies like CD Baby instead of signing with a larger label to be able to sell our music. True Story

  • My favorite moment as an indie musician was when I showed up at a motel one Saturday evening, 30 years ago, near Rochester, NY, while traveling cross country. I was sick, feeling terrible, and brought my guitar with me to check in, just so it wouldn’t be stolen from my unlockable car. Some partygoer in the lobby saw me and asked if I was “the entertainment.” Despite how I felt and despite my appearance, he persuaded me to come sing for the party they were having at the motel. I staggered into a meeting room, and he gave me this incredible introduction to about 250 people. I sang for about an hour. They were an unbelievably enthusiastic audience–one of the best I’d ever had.

  • Producing my own album from start to finish and making every single decision! And my next favorite… my album, The Curse & The Gift, on cd baby

  • My favorite moment is when we play a great show and people enjoy our music, even when there’s not a very big crowd. A few appreciative people beat a hoard of apathetic bystanders any day.

  • One of the best times was when we played a great festival in Gosport UK, and I was presented with a bouquet of flowers after the gig, and then asked back to play again this year.We all felt rather special that day.

  • Carlis Williams

    My favorite moment as an Indie Musician is the fact–that right now at this moment, CDBABY (Indie Musician) has developed a highly informative, well organized & established company, and most all, have developed a broad arena of total support to the world in the music industry–to help achieve the accomplishments to help make any musician’s, amateurs or professionals, dreams come true. Thank you CDBABY (Indie Musian)for helping to make my dreams come true. My favorite Indie Musician moment is when I get checks through the mail.

  • Carlis Williams

    My favorite moment as an Indie Musician is the fact–that right now at this moment, CDBABY (Indie Musician) has developed a highly informative, well organized & established company, and most all, have developed a broad arena of total support to the world in the music industry–to help achieve the accomplishments to help make any musician’s, amateurs or professionals, dreams come true. Thank you CDBABY (Indie Musician)for helping to make my dreams come true. My favorite Indie Musician moment is when I get checks through the mail.

  • My favorite night was when are band Kokos and Friends traveled to Pembertion B.C. to play a festable and the night before we all went to a rave and got messed up. Our drum got 3 hours sleep in the bushes, our congo player passed out infront of the stage, and I (the guitarist) didn’t sleep at all. Then we went up on stage and played for 4 hours till we had no more songs or covers to play.

  • seeing sounds from atlantis perform my band’s song “lie to me”. and knowing how much work they put into making it their own. oh, and winning a free single… i’ve got the perfect one picked out.

  • My favorite moment as an indie musician…when the crowd is singing your songs with you, sometimes louder than the band. It’s a true connection and very validating.

  • We are getting ready to release a new album called “Crime of Passion” through CD Baby. A single download card would be the best gift from the company that has already given soooooooooooooo much to artists like us!

    on Killin’ it!

  • This is a great option for the musician producing a lot of disparate types of music! Great idea!