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Here’s another chance to win!

CD Baby is excited to announce the launch of our new singles program. For a one-time setup fee of $9, you can upload and sell a single song on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon MP3 and all of our other digital retail partners. For a limited time, we’ll even throw in a barcode at no extra charge. Just select the “Single” option when you start the submission process, and you’ll be on your way! Now go write some hit singles and start selling them today!

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Comment on this post for your chance to win a FREE Single signup. A randomly selected commenter from each hour (until 6pm PST on May 12) will win. Winners will be notified by email, so be sure to leave a valid email address when you leave your comment. Be sure to be our fan on Facebook at, follow us on Twitter @cdbaby, and catch up with our latest videos at We’ll be randomly selecting 1 winner every hour, so be sure to tell all your musician friends. To enter, just answer this question: What’s your favorite moment as an indie musician?”

  • My favorite moment is that I don’t have major record labels taking 60% and leaving me with close to nothing.

  • Hard to pick just one, but completing our 2007 RPM Challenge submission and submitting it on time was a gas. 02/07 was a helluva month.

  • Bob

    My favorite moment as an indie musician was being able to tour the country with my music.

  • I think the new singles program is going to be a very big hit in the age of indie music!! Yay CDBaby!

  • There are a few favourite moments that I have by being an indie artist, but the best moment is when someone takes the time to leave a comment telling you how much they like your music. That is worth more than any money paid for a song because now you have a glimpse into their heart!

  • I have two favorite moments. When our group was asked to open two nights at the Brea Jazz Festival (Brea, CA) and when we had our first album release concert in Whittier, CA.

  • seeing my music on sale on iTunes, via CD Baby, alongside major “label” artists. It was a great buzz, and I still love receiving my U$ cheques here in the UK!

  • I like getting money 100% of the money to you and only you.

  • Mine’s fairly simple: I like never having to worry about doing this work on any schedule but my own, and doing it on any terms but my own. It’s that easy.

  • Two moments: 1) releasing my first CD back in ’99 (on CD Baby: to a bunch of happy preorders! 2) my old band opening for Cheap Trick. Biggest, and most fun audience we ever played to!

  • Frank Rzonca

    Discovering there were no hidden cost’s. it really is only $9 to upload a single

  • My favorite moment of being an indie musician is being able to call the shots and keeping all of the revenue to yourself (and your band mates). And having your music available for distribution (digitally and otherwise) through places like CD It’s the epitomy of freedom!!!

  • My favorite has to be playing at Fitzgerald’s, Houston, Tx when my hair got caught in my bassists’ tuning pegs and then him busting my lip with the headstock.

  • Yup, I want me a free single signup. Word, kids.

  • My favorite moment was when Keyboard Magazine featured me in their February 2008 issue as their “Unsigned Artist of the Month”. It was a surprise that I’m still psyched about to this day!

  • Kyle Cruse

    Getting one of my own songs played at church has def. been my top moment, and I would not consider myself an artist yet.

  • my favorite moment as an indie musician is being able to do things at your own pace, which is sometimes also bad..

  • This is GREAT! looking forward to this! Rock on CD Baby!

  • It would have to be that without a major lable, publisher, or managers pushing my music, my 17 year dream of having my music played on The Weather Channel nationwide finally came true. But to actually hear it on a hotel TV while on vacation was such a overwhelming and gratifying feeling that I had to wipe the tear from my cheek (not in front of the kids of course:)

  • samantha schindler

    being able to do what i want,say what i want wen eva i want n not have anyone say NO about anything i do.

  • My favorite moment as an indie musician was when I received a 15,000 dollars for royalties for a song I composed in an hour, at 3 am and extremely tired because we played three concerts in three different cities in a roll !

  • my talented & soon to be famous original soul/funk band Soul Senate is looking to release a single asap. This would be perfect! Also, I have a very big mouth & love to tell people loudly & frequently about cool stuff–like this–and CD baby–and where to find good enchiladas.

  • My favorite moment as an indie musician is every time I get to a show, make a connection with the crowd or a single member of the crowd, and realize that I made this happen “all on my own :)”

    The freedom of creativity, being able to do anything I want at all is really frightening and exhilarating.

  • Victoria

    playing “Watching You Drown” on a cruise ship…. really I did

  • Right now, my favorite moment as an indie musician has to be having a spot on a hit compilation album – EML Network Volume 1 – which was number one on JunoDownloads a few days ago. The album was released by Electronica Music Lovers on the former Ning network and has been getting great reviews. I’m hoping it leads people to more of my music.

  • My favorite moment as an indie artist? The day I left my full-time job of 4 years to finally make the “part-time music gig” my full time career. I’m the happiest I’ve been in years.

  • my favorite moment is the moment you turn a corner in a show and the people are all in with you!

  • Everyday I wake and realize I’m STILL living the dream. Sweet!

  • That would be the day last year when I picked up manufactured copies of my first (only, so far) CD. Seeing tangible results from all the work of writing, arranging, performing, recording, and mixing those songs was a great thrill.

  • I think my favourite moment is being able to have control over every part of my career – from writing, recording, to choosing which songs to release, who to collaborate with, and where to distribute. CD Baby has really helped me to take big steps in the right direction.

  • Moment of Truth: My father always told me I should never dive over Disc Makers..

  • Martin

    Aztec Zodiac would love the free single signup!!!

  • a favorite moment of being an indie artist: actually getting CDs to sell and distribute with MY music on it!

  • When someone tells me that my songs have touched them in a very personal way. It’s all about sharing that human connection! I love it! (live or on CD)

  • V.E

    My favorite moment being an indie artist is the ability creates music with the advancement of technology. Also the freedom to just create music knowing that no one else can take that skill away from you. Not everyone have the chance to do “what” they want to do in life. At least I can give music-creation a chance in my life and maybe just one day make a decent career out of it. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  • Brett Black

    On April 20, 2010, when someone bought one of my completely silent tracks and showed that peace and quiet is just as valuable as noise!

  • My fave moment as an indie singer/songwriter is when I get a Myspace message from a fan who says one of my songs speaks to exactly how they felt at a particular time in their lives. There’s a beautiful magic when your personal heartache resonates with someone else…

    Taryn Reneau 🙂

  • My favorite moment was the first time I went up on stage. We had hardly practised, we could not hear ourselves on stage and ouyr equipment was set on the side of the stage as we had access to the changing room. However we went on and we played the concert. It was blinding, we had an amazing shock when people swamped us. I was answering questions signing autographs and the works. It was the pure shock after we had played that people may like what we do. Nothing beats that high and magic when people really connect with what you do.

  • Looking forward to getting my next single on cdbaby!

  • Fave moment was seeing a fan whom singing along to a song which had not yet been recorded. I later asked her how she knew the song and she said that she saw me at a show the weekend before and couldn’t get it out of her head. Then she asked if I would teach it to her so she could cover it! I love music and I love my fans!

  • my favorite moment was when i received my first “CD Baby Sales” notification… the buyer was overseas in cork, ireland… the fact that my music reached that far carried the most excitement for me.

  • Kris

    opening up for Mr. Big in ’92 & meeting/hanging with Billy Sheehan & Eric Martin

  • My ex-fiance buying my CD from CD Baby and leaving his email address, enabling me to get back in touch after 12 years!

  • my favorite moment is when you see your album back from print before anyone else!

  • My favorite moment is seeing people from all over the world buy my CD thanks to CD Baby what a thrill.

  • I get excited everytime i write a song, it gets released, played over the internet and in major
    stores and malls around the country,and i don’t have someone standing over my shoulder
    telling me what i can sing or not sing or when it can be released.

  • My favorite music moments are when the fans come up after a show and tell me that they loved the music, or that we made them cry, and the day I was performing for a “kids day” at a Renaissance Festival and a ‘tween boy came and sat down at one of my shows with his earphones on and loud music blaring. I said to him, “Why don’t you take those headphones off and listen to something new, see what’s going on around you?” He smiled, and after a few minutes, he did take his headphones off. He stayed for the rest of my show. Later that day, he came back to another show, waved, put his headphones and music player in his pocket, and ran off to enjoy his new experiences.

  • My favorite moment happens every morning when I get to sleep in, drink coffee on my couch till noon with my puppy, & watch Jimmy Fallon on DVR after a night of “working” playing music somewhere where I got a bunch of free booze.

  • Addison

    Beig able to make it just how *I* want it. Cover art. Arrangements. Website. It’s all up to me and my creative craziness. 😉

  • My best moment was performing Pink Floyd’s “Animals” on a valve trombone with a band I opened for on guitar in Florence, AL….good times and friends.

  • My Best moment as an indie Artist, is the electricity I feel from the crowd @ a show and the genuine love support and push for a song, I wrote, Produced and Published…I was bit by the music bug,love when my music comes alive through the listeners!

  • When I listen to the latest song I’ve been working on for a long time, and finally feel comfortable with it, and know that no more changes need to be made.

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