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CD Baby is excited to announce the launch of our new singles program. For a one-time setup fee of $9, you can upload and sell a single song on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon MP3 and all of our other digital retail partners. For a limited time, we’ll even throw in a barcode at no extra charge. Just select the “Single” option when you start the submission process, and you’ll be on your way! Now go write some hit singles and start selling them today!

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Comment on this post for your chance to win a FREE Single signup. A randomly selected commenter from each hour (until 7pm PST on May 14) will win. Winners will be notified by email, so be sure to leave a valid email address when you leave your comment. Be sure to be our fan on Facebook at, follow us on Twitter @cdbaby, and catch up with our latest videos at We’ll be randomly selecting 1 winner every hour, so be sure to tell all your musician friends. To enter, just answer this question: What’s your favorite moment as an indie musician?”

  • Getting messages from fans in other parts of the world that found our music through CD Baby, iTunes, the internet, or wherever. I’d have never imagined that folks from Japan to the Mid-East would ever be able to find music produced by a band in the Midwest US!

  • Every second from inception of musical ideas, until they’re layed out on a track is my favorite moment of being an indie musician. It’s an addiction, passion, and lifestyle that can never be stopped.

  • Mack James

    when you hear your music unexpectedly. Like in someones car or at a party and even places where u are not suppose to be. It makes me want to make more and more music

  • I have had the opportunity to perform with many bands over the years, some well known, some not-so-much, but one show stands out in my mind. We were opening for the band Coal Chamber. As I watched the band at their afternoon sound-check, I was fascinated by the female bass player. She had the complete “rock chick” look. Her tech was standing right in front of the stage listening, and just as I spoke to my bass player about how captivated I was, she spit the biggest hocker of a loogie I have ever seen right into the tech’s face. I learned that this was a term of endearment from her, and although I have much affection for all my musician friends, still to this day, I cannot bring myself to create that much love for anyone!
    PolyChrome Sean

  • My favorie indie musician moment? When a fan recognizes me and tells me they appreciate the message behind my music. To me, it means they get what I’m trying to do. It’s one thing to be told “you sound great” or “you have a lot of talent”… but when someone says “I get your message and I agree with you”, that’s when I know what I’m doing is truly worth it.

  • Nice feature that takes the changes in the music market serously!

  • My favorite moment is when I get an email or tweet from someone in another country who’s just discovered my music. It’s so gratifying to make a connection with a music lover from across the world. It’s something I would never have been able to do without the help of CDBaby! Thanks, guys.

  • Great way to ease into my sophomore CD. Looking forward to announcing my 1st single!

  • After having not played music for 30 years (!), I ventured out to try an open mic. After my set, Sonny the sound man (and a fine musician himself) came to me and said “you have some great potential, but a long way to go”. 11 years later, Sonny and some other fine musicians and I are still playing together in one of our area’s most fun bands. I’m also still playing solo. His comment was a defining moment for me in my decision to pursue a music career.

  • Our favourite moment was when we got our first piece of radio play, at 11:40am on 13th May!

  • Alen Harris

    Our songs are being listened to all around the world!

  • 5 different Podcasts playing Sentinel songs, all over the world, just this Wednesday.

  • We love CDBaby!

    best moment: Finding out we had been heard in far places of the world..

    Gastronomical Unit

  • Mine is when a new song is ready to upload.

  • Fidge

    When you see the tears. Then you know there’s a real connection, and that what I do isn’t so much about what I do, but what we – the audience and I – manage to share.

  • Hearing that people from all over the world have enjoyed my music.

  • Our favorite part of being an indie musician was receiving our first CD from the manufacturer!!! That was one of MANY great moments. Thank you for all that you do there at CDBaby.

    In Harmony, The Hanson Family Singers

  • Ben

    I can make whatever music I want in my own time and release it when I want. And when someone buys it I get an enormous feeling of satisfaction and want to go round their house and hug them.

  • It’s hard to pick a favorite moment. If I had to pick one it would have to be the first time I played a gig close to home. I’d been away for a few years performing, and I booked a show at lakeshore cafe. The cafe is a few miles from where I was raised. When it was time for the show I was blown away. They had to turn away about 75 people because the place was PACKED. And the cool part was they were all singing my songs. A great night that I’ll never forget!

  • I’m really excited to start releasing more music this way! Cheers, CD Baby!


  • One of the best times that I can remember in when our band “Kokos and Friends” were handing out flyers to our show a few block from the venue. We saw this this girl outside the beer store and I said “Hey, you want to come out to a punk show tonight?”
    She smiled and said “I already am.”. She pulled out two tickets to our show and said “I’ll see ya there.”

  • Perfect timing! I’m about to release my 2nd indie folk-pop album “No More Invitations” in a couple of months and need great support and distribution for my 1st single ASAP. The CDBaby single release option is so exciting and very appreciated, thanks!

    Jennifer Haase

  • I’m sorry I left you guys for my last release. I’m coming back home to you shortly!

  • Total Creative Control.

    How much fun is it to have the option of poppin out a single this weekend?

    The “Incremental Album” Concept is brilliant.

  • Big. BIG fan of the podcast and everything you guys do!!!!

  • Well this looks interesting. Maybe I can give up looking for that little thing to put on the spindle of my turntable.

  • I am pretty psyched about the singles program now. Before I was using TuneCore for singles but I’ve been a customer of CDBaby for years. It’s great to finally have them administer my single releases as well. I’ve recently gotten into the mindset of releasing singles as a way to keep fresh material flowing. Rock on everyone! |/_ peace

  • Fave moment would have to be the schedule. Love writing music with no deadlines or labels on my back about releasing x amount of songs in x amount of time.

  • Cool idea! Good luck to all.

  • thanks for checking out our music guys 🙂 we are glad to promote CDBABY for all the years they have helped us 🙂
    feel free to check us out at 😉 we would love to hear from ya

  • The appreciation from the fans enjoying my music.

  • coryflook

    music is the way of life……

  • I really appreciate the people behind the scenes who are friendly, funny, and will engage the ones who need to be addressed in getting results. I really appreciate that cdbaby had Rhonda and Peco on the top of the list which is where everyone else is too. Go team cdbaby.