Music Discovery Podcast 04/14/10

In this episode, Kevin and Peter bring you a fantastic rock vocalist, some Shins-y folk pop, and 4 diverse artists recommended by our listeners: a blues band, an old-timey jazzy folkie, a chart-topping rock band, and some exotic goth rock.

Abbie Huxley – (And I Prize) All the Wrong Things –

International Tennis Champions – Feelin’ Trapped –

The Rusty Wright Band – Make a Liar out of Me –

Zoë Lewis – Hell but Swell –

Bunker Soldier – When All Is Lost –

Carol Tatum – Dreams & Nightmares –

  • Malady

    Bunker Soldier’s song sounds like it could be on the next U2 album. The song is introduced as “Full Circle”. But, from what I gather from their CDBaby site, I see that it is actually called “When All is Lost.” Great stuff, thank you guys.

  • Hi Kevin and Peter. There’s a fascinating story behind Derek Evry’s new album on CD Baby, “Don’t Think…”

    If possible, take a moment to read the press release at and give a listen to at least the track “Falling” and see what the hubub is about… Thanks!