The CD Baby Folk Podcast

CD Baby is proud to officially introduce you to our Folk Music Podcast. After sneaking into the public’s ears in November, the podcast was greeted with thousands of downloads and prominent placement on the iTunes podcast section. Not just a bunch of mopey songs with quiet guitars, the folk podcast features music of folk traditions from around the world, as well as artists from various genres who incorporate some aspect of folk music into their songs.

In this episode of the podcast, Peter brings you some Celtic songs, an Americana singer/songwriter, a international guitar quartet, and a quirky Chicago chanteuse.

1. The Paperboys – Camera Obscura –

2. Stonecircle – Santy Anna –

3. Bill Deasy – Back There –

4. Brian Gore, D’Gary, Clive Carroll, Miguel de la Bastide – Manimany Lavise –

5. Ami Saraiya – Archaeologist –